Bactroban is an antibacterial product for the external application. It has a broad action as to microorganisms causing a development of the inflammatory infectious processes of the skin and soft tissues. It contains an active ingredient Mupirocin.


Due to the specific mechanism of the action and unique chemical structure, a crossed resistance with other antibiotics is absent. Therefore, Bactroban can be used with peroral antibiotics of the systemic action.


Using Bactroban in low therapeutic doses, it provides a bacteriostatic action. In high doses, Bactroban provides a bactericidal action. Due to the increase/decrease of the dose, an optimal action can be achieved as to the pathogenic microflora on the extracellular and intracellular action.


During the external application of Bactroban, it is not absorbed into the blood plasma, and therefore it does not cause systemic side effects. It is mainly excreted by kidneys.


Bactroban is effective only in the treatment of the external infections:


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  • Primary skin infections: impetigo, folliculitis, furunculosis, acne.
  • Secondary skin infections: infected eczema, infected injury, infection resulting from insect bites, wounds, burns



In what dose is Bactroban used?

A safety of Bactroban for children has been studied within the fundamental medical programs. It has been indicated that this antibiotic is absolutely safe for children over 3 months and is allowed for the use in the treatment of the infections of the skin and soft tissues.


Bactroban ointment is applied to the affected parts of the skin 2-3 times per day depending on the severity of the infectious/inflammatory process. The ointment in small amount is applied to the skin and slightly rubbed into.


If the ointment is applied to the open wound or affected skin, a dressing may be used. After the application of the ointment, it is necessary to wash your hands and remove the parts of the antibiotic.


Depending on the medical image of the disease, the treatment lasts for 7 to 10 days. If significant results have not been achieved in 10 days, it is necessary to consider the scheme of the treatment and add the antibiotics of the systemic action.


Children, senior patients and patients with diseases of the liver should not adjust the daily dose of Bactroban.


Recommendations for the use

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  • Do not use the ointment Bactroban with other anti-septic/antibacterial products for the external application
  • Do not apply the ointment to the mucous membranes and avoid the eye area
  • Bactroban should be used carefully during pregnancy, because there is poor information about the safety of the drug during the pregnancy and lactation



Side effects

A chance of the systemic side effects is low during the use of Bactroban. But using the antibiotic may cause local side effects such as itching, burning, dry skin in the place of the application.


In case of the appearance of the allergic reaction during the application of Bactroban, the treatment should be stopped, and rinse the affected area with water to remove the ointment. An alternative bacterial therapy should be used.


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