Arimidex is a non-steroid antitumor medication of the new generation. It has replaced Tamoxifen which has similar characteristics but its efficiency is weaker.


Arimidex has Anastrozole. This ingredient is a highly selective inhibitor of aromatase, an enzyme which takes part in the intense production of estradiol. In case of the reduced level of the circulated estradiol, a stimulation of the hormone-dependent cancerous tumors is decreased.


Arimidex is indicated for the treatment of the breast cancer in women during postmenopause who have a progressing of the disease due to the high level of estradiol. Even if the therapy with Tamoxifen turned out ineffective, the use of Arimidex will help to stop a tumor progressing in 95%.


Unlike Tamoxifen, Arimidex does not block the action of the estrogenic receptors, but prevents a formation of estradiol. It means that it does not let estrogens achieve the maximal concentration in the body.


Arimidex does not have an androgenic or estrogenic activity, does not influence on the functions of the cardiovascular system and does not cause the increase of the body weight. A bone mineral density is not changed during the treatment, and it helps to protect a woman against breaks or pain in bones.


In what dose is Arimidex used?

Arimidex is produced in the pills 1 mg which should be used orally with enough water. A pill of Arimidex 1 mg lowers the level of estradiol by 80% within 24 hours. The use of more than 1 pill of Arimidex 1 mg per day is pointless because it does not lead to more evident therapeutic effect.


Arimidex 1 mg should be used every day, at the same time. It is not recommended to miss any dose but if you forgot to take a pill of Arimidex, wait for the next day and take a pill of Arimidex 1 mg. Do not take the double dose.


A maintaining therapy in the treatment of the breast cancer may take up to 5 years. If there are signs of the tumor progress, the use of Arimidex is terminated.


Recommendations for the use

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  • The use of Arimidex is useful only if the tumor progresses due to the activity of the estrogenic receptors. In case of the negative test to the receptors of estrogens in the cancerous tumor, the use of this medicine is pointless
  • The administration of Arimidex is contraindicated during hepatic failure or other severe pathologies of the liver
  • Do not use Arimidex if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant
  • Arimidex is incompatible with Tamoxifen, and therefore it is necessary to select one of two drug to treat the breast cancer
  • Arimidex is prescribed only if a woman already has menopause. In case of doubts in the hormonal status, menopause should be confirmed biochemically.



Side effect

The side effects of Arimidex are often caused by the processes which happen during the change of the level of the female sexual hormones. The use of Arimidex may be accompanied by the following negative reactions: vaginal dryness, thinning hair, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, skin rash, flushing, and anxiety. The side effects are usually started in 1-2 1-2 weeks after the started treatment, and they slowly pass within 1-2 months.


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