Cabgolin is a trade name of the active ingredient Cabergoline. This ingredient inhibits a secretion of prolactin, increases libido and erectile functions, lowers the blood pressure, and even reduces time of the recovery between sexual intercourses.


Cabgolin enhances a synthesis of dopamine by means of the stimulation of dopamine receptors. It provides a long-term actin, and therefore it works even in low doses. According to the results of the medical studies, a decrease of prolactin occurs in 3 hours after the peroral use of a one-time therapeutic dose.


Cabgolin has a selective action, does not influence on the basal secretion of other hormones of pituitary and cortisol. A prolactin-decreasing action of the drug is a dose-dependent as to the intensity, and length of the action. Due to this, it is possible to control a concentration of prolactin in the blood and increase/reduce a pharmacological action of Cabgolin as far as the intensity of hyperprolactinemia.


In case of the one-time use of the drug, a maximal hypotensive effect is noticed within the first 6 hours and is a dose-dependent.


Cabgolin is used for:


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  • Prevention of lactation after giving birth
  • Suppression of the established lactation
  • treatment of diseases associated with high prolactin levels: amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea, anovulation, pituitary adenoma, and others.



In what dose is Cabgolin used?

To treat diseases related to the increased level of prolactin, Cabgolin is used in the dose of 0,5 mg per week. The increase of a week-long dose should be gradual – by 0,5 mg once per month. A therapeutic dose usually varies 1 mg to 2,5 mg per week depending on a severity of the disease.


To prevent lactation, women are recommended to take 2 pills of Cabgolin 0,5 mg in the first day after childbirth, once.


If you want to inhibit a lactation to use a bottle feeding of a child, you may begin taking Cabgolin 0,25 mg (1/2 of the pill) 2 times per day within 2 days. A general dose will be just 1 mg.


Even after the use of the pills, a therapeutic effect is kept within 7-24 days depending on a speed of metabolism.



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  • Cabgolin is contraindicated during expressed dysfunctions of liver, severe diseases of the cardiovascular system during pregnancy, as well as postpartum psychosis or depression.
  • If you are taking hypotensive drugs, Cabgolin may enhance their action, and therefore the drug should be carefully used



Side effect

The side effects appear seldom and in weak or moderate severity. Using Cabgolin the following side effects often appear: constipation, headache, nausea, mild swelling, hallucinations, indigestion, fatigue.


The side effects are reduced during the long-term use of Cabgolin.


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