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Femara is an antitumor drug that stops the work of the aromatase enzyme. It has an active ingredients Letrozole. Aromatase is an enzyme that transforms the androgenic hormones into estrogens. The activity of the estrogenic receptors is increased, so that a stimulation of the hormone-dependent tumors grows.


Femara blocks the work of aromatase, so that a suppression happens, and then synthesis of estrogen is completely blocked in the tumor tissue and in the peripheral tissues.


The everyday use of Femara favors a reduction of the estrogen concentration in 1-2 months (mainly estradiol, estrone and estrone sulfate) in the blood plasma by 80-95% from the default values. At the same time, a blocking of aromatase enzyme does not cause an increase of the concentration of the androgenic hormones.


Femara provides an antitumor action but does not favor a reduction of the tumor. The drug stops a progressing of the disease, increases a survival rate without the disease signs within 5 years, reduces a risk of the development of tumor in other parts of the body.


Femara is mainly used in the treatment of the early stages of the breast cancer. The drug may be used as a baseline therapy, or as an additional therapy after the use of the antiestrogens. The drug has been used during other common hormone-dependent forms of cancer in women during postmenopause.


In what dose is Femara used?

Femara is produced in the tablets for the oral use. To treat early stages of the breast cancer, women are prescribed 2,5 mg per day.


You should take the tablets every day without skipping a dose. It is better to take Femara at the same time, before or after meals. The tablets are used with a glass of water. Do not use milk or verjuices.


As a prolonged adjuvant therapy, the treatment is continued within 5 years. In 5 years, a complete medical examination is done, and another medicine is prescribed.


If the signs of the disease progress have started earlier, Femara is not used. It is pointless to increase the dose because it is proved that the use of the drug in high doses does not favor a quality control of the development of the tumor cells.



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  • Femara is contraindicated during pregnancy or lactation
  • The product is not prescribed patients under 21 years old
  • Before starting the treatment, endocrine system is completely examined. If a woman has a normal hormone level, Femara is not prescribed



Side effects

The side effects of Femara are observed in some patients and are light or moderate. If they occurred, the treatment is continued.


The most commons side effects are headache, edemas, nausea, general fatigue, hair thinning, rash, blushes, vomiting, and increase of the body weight.


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