Admenta is a brand name of Memantine which belongs to the list of the important medical product from World Health Organization. This is a specific drug which has a broad-spectrum pharmacological action. At the moment, Admenta is actively used for the treatment of Alzheimer disease.


The controlled medical studies have proved the ability of Admenta to improve and stabilize the cognitive functions, everyday activity, reduce the behavior disorders in patients with Alzheimer disease.


Admenta improves poor memory, enhances a concentration, reduces fatigue and depression symptoms, and spasticity of the skeletal muscles. This medicine belongs to the group of NMDA receptor antagonists but unlike other anesthetic agents, it does not cause a medical addiction and is well tolerated. It is explained by specific molecular structure of Admenta, so that the side effects happen in rare cases.


Pharmaceutical form

Admenta is released in pills of white color and oval shape which can contain 5 mg or 10 mg of Memantine. The pills of Admenta 10 mg have a marking line which helps to divide the pill into 2 parts.


Where to buy Admenta?

Admenta online can be bought in any country. This strong medicine is for sale in the city pharmacies, but a pharmacist will ask for a prescription. If you do not have a prescription and opportunity to see a doctor, it is easier to order Admenta without prescription online. Buying Admenta online, you have an opportunity to get a free medical consultation of pharmacist who will answer all your questions and tell how to take Admenta without prescription.


You can order Admenta online 24 hours, paying for your order with the help of a bank card.


In what doses is Admenta used?

The initial dose of Admenta for patient with Alzheimer disease is 5 mg per day. The Admenta 5 mg pills are taken once per day during meals, with enough water. In 7 days after the beginning of the treatment, the daily dose of Admenta is increased by two times, up to 10 mg per day.


Since third week of the treatment, the dose of Admenta is increased by 5-10 mg. Depending on the severity of the Alzheimer disease symptoms, patients are recommended 10 mg to 20 mg of Admenta per day.


The treatment is continued for a long time, until a stable improvement of the symptoms of Alzheimer disease and a recovery of the cognitive functions.


Recommendations for the use

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  • Avoid the simultaneous use of NMDA receptor antagonists because they increase the action of each other
  • Do not take Admenta during severe hepatic failure, pregnancy, and intolerance of Memantine
  • It is unknown how Admenta acts to patients under 18 years old, and therefore this group of people are not recommended to take the drug



What side effects happen during the use of Admenta?

A patient may have the following side effects on the first week of using Admenta as digestion disorder, headache, sleep disorder, diarrhea, high blood pressure, and high agitation of the CNS.


It is necessary to control the side effects, and if they become stronger, go to a doctor. In order to avoid side effects, the treatment should be started from the dose of Admenta 5 mg.