Proved and well-studied drugs such as Ativan should be used during acute mental disorders. It will relieve the disease symptoms and restore the work of the central nervous system. You can buy Ativan without prescription right now ordering the shipment on the Internet.


Product description

Ativan is a brand name of Lorazepam which causes an inhibition of the central nervous system and provides a sedative effect. Ativan has been approved by FDA for the treatment of the anxious disorders, insomnia, and acute panic disorders.


Lorazepam is a derived benzodiazepine of the middle length of the action. It has a broad spectrum pharmacological action: sedative, soporific, anti-anxiety, and anticonvulsive action.


Ativan is used to arrest the symptoms of the acute mental disorders. By means of the stimulation of the benzodiazepine receptors, there is a release of certain chemical substances in the brain which provide a calming action. The action of Ativan lowers the feeling of fear, anxiety, tension, improves sleep, decreases the muscle spasms and seizures in patients with epilepsy.


Usage and doses

Ativan is used for schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, epilepsy, insomnia, manic states. It is very important to carefully study the symptoms of the disease and then the medicine should be used. The dosage regimen is very important because it will have a concentrated action to the symptoms of the mental disorder and avoid the side effects.


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  • The standard daily dose of Ativan is 3 mg per day (1 tablet of Ativan 1 mg 3 times per day)
  • The dose can be gradually increased up to 6-8 mg per day
  • The tablets should be used within the similar interval 6-8 hours
  • The last daily dose should be used 30-40 minutes before sleeping in order to relieve the process of falling asleep
  • After the improvement of the symptoms of the mental disorder, the dose of Ativan is gradually lowered up to 1-2 mg per day, and then, the treatment is stopped. A sudden cessation can cause a reversible reaction and the disease symptoms will be worse.



Contraindications for the use

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  • Individual intolerance to Lorazepam or other drugs that interact with the benzodiazepine receptors.
  • Angle-closure glaucoma
  • Severe intoxication with narcotic analgesics, alcohol, psychotropic drugs
  • Acute respiratory failure
  • Pregnancy


Medical interaction

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  • Ativan lowers a therapeutic activity of the peroral contraceptives, so that the protective functions are reduced
  • Ativan enhances the action of myorelaxant and drugs which stimulate the action of the central nervous system
  • Refuse from the alcohol consumption during the treatment


Side effects

The common side effects of Ativan which may happen during the incorrect dosage are:


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  • Cardiovascular system: tachycardia, hypotension,
  • Gastrointestinal tract: pain or abdominal cramps, constipation, diarrhea, dry mouth
  • Central nervous system: confusion, mania, behavioral disturbances, unusual excitement, irritability, headache, decreased libido



The probability of the side effects is high in the first 10-15 days of using Ativan, but then the side effects do not occur.


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