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Himcolin is a medicine for the external application used for the stimulation of the sexual function. This is a herbal medicinal product containing only natural vegetable ingredients. It does not have a curing functions but it is a great product for the prevention of the different sexual disorders:


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  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Prostatitis and others



The mechanism of the action of Himcolin consists in the dilation of the blood vessels of the penis, so that the blood flow grows in the penis tissues. Due to the improvement of the blood circulation, a congestion is reduced in prostate gland, and the inflammatory reactions are decreased.


Himcolin has a stimulating action. It increases a sensitivity of the nerve endings on the head of the penis but it does not cause a quick ejaculation. On the contrary, due to the complete relaxation and increase of the staying power during the sexual intercourse, a man is able to keep erection longer and control ejaculation.


Himcolin is effective both in mono-therapy, and in combined therapy directed at the treatment of the sexual dysfunction. But the effect is improved in combination with the peroral drugs for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction.


In what dose is Himcolin used?

Cream or gel Himcolin is used topically only. Do not use the product orally. Himcolin is applied with a thin layer to the skin of pubic area and penis, from root to coronal sulcus (beginning of the head). Do not apply the product to head of the penis and ball sack.


Rub it into the tissue slightly till complete dissolution. It happens within a minute. The action of the drug begins in 5-10 minutes but a sexual intercourse may be started in 40 minutes. The drug should reach the tissues of the blood vessels and cause their dilation and improve the blood circulation.


The drug is used by periods, 30 days regardless of the sexual activity. In case of the high sexual activity, Himcolin is used 3 times per day with the interval of 8 hours. In case of the low sexual activity, the medicine may be used 2 times per day. In 30 days of the regular use of gel, take a break for 1 month.



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  • Do not use Himcolin if you have an allergy to one of the active ingredients. Therefore, before using gel, read the composition
  • Do not apply gel to open wounds, during infectious or fungal diseases of the skin, furunculosis
  • Patients under 18 years old are not recommended to take Himcolin



Side Effects

Himcolin seldom causes side effects. It does not provide a systemic action, and therefore it does not have severe side effects. The only thing may happen is skin rash, itching, irritation.


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