The high activity of the oil glands can cause a severe form of acne and your skin will not be beautiful. Acne can be treated with the help of antibiotics and cosmetic procedures but if they are useless, pay attention to a medicine Accutane.


What is Accutane?

Accutane is a medical product for the treatment of the severe forms of acne. It contains active ingredient Isotretinoin. It is important to understand that Accutane is prescribed for the treatment of the severe forms of acne and sometimes middle severity of acne.


Isotretinoin is the most effective product which is used in the modern medicine for the acne treatment. The basic cause of acne is an excessive production of the sebum and vitamin deficit. In case of the Vitamin A deficit, bacteria are developed in the oil glands which cause inflammation of dermis and the inflammatory processes appear.


Accutane is a synthetic analogue of vitamin A and has the characteristics of that vitamin. Using Accutane, the production of the sebum and activity of the oil gland is reduced, and the development of bacteria is prevented in these glands.


The mechanism of action of Isotretinoin is not completely studied because it is unknown why it inhibits the activity of the oil glands.


Accutane does not have antibacterial activity. The purpose of Accutane is to neutralize the basic causes of the acne diseases and give antibiotics and cosmetic products an opportunity to finish the treatment.


The results of taking Accutane are noticed in a week of the treatment, but a high caution should be followed during the use of this product.


Who is contraindicated to take Accutane?

If you decided to use Accutane, you should be confident that this medicine is not contraindicated for you, and other, safer medicines cannot cure acne in your medical case.


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    • Accutane is contraindicated during diabetes, depression, disorder of lipid metabolism, and also increased sensitivity to vitamin A
    • In case of severe dysfunctions of liver or kidneys, Accutane can be contraindicated. In this case, a doctor makes a decision about the administration.
    • During pregnancy, Accutane is prohibited. If you use Accutane during diagnosing pregnancy, the treatment is terminated.


How to take Accutane?

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    • Accutane is used from the minimal daily dose of 0,5 mg
    • In a week, the dose of Accutane is increased up to 1 mg per day if a patient does not have significant side effects
    • The tablets are used for a short time during 4-8 weeks, once per day, with a glass of water
    • The prolonged medical therapy is not recommended because the side effects can occur.



As soon as the skin state is improved, the dose of Accutane is gradually lowered and 0,5 mg per day is used in order to maintain therapeutic effect.


Probable side effects

Taking Accutane, high caution should be followed, and if the side effects occur, their intensity should be controlled.


Using Accutane, a patient can have headache, dry skin, peeling of the skin, itching of the skin, dry mucosa, dermatitis, nausea, high concentration of glucose in the blood, and nasal bleeding. If the side effects become harder, the treatment is ceased.


Buy Accutane online

If you do not have a prescription, you can buy Accutane online. Accutane without prescription can be used if you already know how to use this medicine and read the instructions.


If you have questions about taking Accutane without prescription, you can use a free consultation of a pharmacist in the online pharmacy before buying Accutane.


The purchase of Accutane online will help to quickly restore a natural beauty of your skin and get rid of acne.