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How to obtain cheap Viagra from online drugstores

Cheap Viagra can be purchased online using many ways. According to medical experts, the product sellers have invented online methods of selling the medication to attract the vast growing numbers of clients. The pills are required to enhance one’s sexual experience and life. In this regard, this article highlights the best available options for obtaining cheap Viagra online that can provide maximum benefits to the user. Find out.

Cheap Viagra

Firstly, look up for online discounts. Online drugstores provide discounts to attract more customers. Therefore, Viagra users should search all legit websites that stocks the product and a make a comparison to establish the pharmacy with the best offer. This helps to get a great deal. Internet experts reveal that online drug stores provide a minimum of 6% discount on Viagra purchases. Additionally, the discount range varies based on available offers from the sellers.

The use of Viagra coupons is the second way of obtaining the product cheaply from online pharmacies. Viagra coupons are available both online as well as offline. Online Viagra sellers upload the coupon on their sites where a user can send it to the mobile or download. The coupon can then be presented to the internet pharmacies in a deal to purchase cheap Viagra. Moreover, Viagra online buyers can also obtain coupons from traditional mortar and brick stores. The card should then be uploaded to the site of a Viagra drugstore after scanning so as to obtain the medication cheaply.

Thirdly, purchasing Viagra in bulk can reduce the unit cost per medication. Subscribing for a three month supply is a sure way of obtaining Viagra pills cheaply. It thus follows, the more the number of pills a user buys, the less they have to incur on the drug.

Next, customers can get cheap Viagra through the regular ordering of the pills from an online drugstore. A regular online customer to a specific pharmacy is likely to get better offers than new or clients who buy the medication periodically. Thus, Viagra users are advised against switching from one drugstore to another every time. Instead, customers should stick to one pharmacy as a way of obtaining the pills at an affordable rate.

Cheap Viagra can also be obtained by trying generic equivalent of the medication. Compared to its brand counterpart, Generic Viagra is extremely cheap. A single pill of brand Viagra would cost $60 while one generic pill goes for $2. Thus, this price disparity is useful for people wishing to enhance their sexual life without massive spending.

The use of traditional shipping techniques is a clever way of reducing the cost of Viagra medication. In this connection, overnight and quick delivery of Viagra is an expensive option for no apparent reason. Using traditional shipping methods save on the expense although customers would receive the product a little late.

Lastly, Viagra users should subscribe to higher dosage strengths of the medication to affordably purchase the pills. For example, purchasing the dosage in 100mg instead of 500mg. The higher dosage strength is cheaper than lower dosages. It is helpful in saving expenses spent on Viagra.

What You Need To Know About Adderall Addiction

Adderall is a cost-effective medication that works to improve on cognitive performance. Adderall pills are readily available in the online pharmacies and at your nearby pharmacy at considerate prices. The fact that Adderall pills improve cognitive performance has led to the abuse and its misuse in a big way, a condition that leads to addiction.

Adderall medication is also advocated as the top-treatment of narcolepsy. The building properties of Adderall medication continues to raise concerns about users. Below is a list of the things you should know about Adderall medication.

How do you identify Adderall addiction?

A number of signs have been put forward to imply that a patient has Adderall addiction. Before exploring the facts about Adderall addiction, taking a look at the signs will help to keep users alert. Signs of Adderall medication include;

  • Postponing key tasks that really matter and evidenced delays
  • Encountering social problems as a result of abusing Adderall medication
  • Taking higher doses of Adderall pills other than recommended by a doctor
  • Prioritizing on taking Adderall pills rather than execute key responsibilities
  • Failing to withdraw the drugs intake even after developing side effects and problems
  • Yearning for Adderall pills even when it is not necessary

The facts you need to know about Adderall addiction

Addicts fail to agree that they have a problem of addiction even when it is evident. Adderall abuse and misuse are as bad as being an addict of other drugs. Early identification of Adderall addiction is better as it can be treated. Below is a list of what you need to know about Adderall abuse.

  • Patients recovering from Adderall abuse and overdose are not guaranteed of addiction recovery. According to medical practitioners, a good number of patients recovers from Adderall overdose but continues having problems with the addiction. It is also implied that a patient may encounter a change in the brain chemistry due to continued overuse of Adderall.
  • Adderall pills have a high potential for misuse and abuse according to FDA. Thus, Adderall is classified as a Schedule II type of drug. It is evident that who suffers from Adderall addiction are aware of risks from the word go.
  • Patients using Adderall pills fake of having narcolepsy and early symptoms of ADHD with an intention of using the medication.
  • Teenagers have a high potential of abusing the drug to improve their performance in schools. It is proved that college students opt to take Adderall pills with a sole aim of boosting their judgment and to improve their examination performance.
  • Adderall pills go for low as $10, a key factor that contributes to the abuse of this medication.

To overcome conditions of Adderall addiction, professional help is required. Adderall is a top-ranked medication that works to improve cognitive performance. Patients should only take this medication when under doctors prescription. Continued abuse of Adderall medication can lead to cardiac failure. The stimulant effect of taking Adderall pills without doctors prescriptions continues being habit-forming as other stimulants. Continued use of this medication poses a patient to addiction.

Provigil Medication for Steven-Johnson Syndrome (SJS)

Provigil drugs are potent to promote wakefulness of the user. Patients suffering sleeping disorders such as extreme sleepiness caused by narcolepsy or obstructive sleep apnea take a prescription of the Provigil medication to stay awake. It is also beneficial to people working overnight in shifts as the drug works to alter the chemical composition of the brain responsible for sleep to reduce excessive sleepiness. In some instances, Provigil is a performance enhancer used by pilots and military persons as it improves combat situations and short memories.

Provigil linked to Stevens Johnson Syndrome

The linking of Provigil medication and the Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) has been in the news recently. SJS is a rare medical condition that can result in death. The disease caused by an allergic reaction due to drugs involves the skin and mucous membrane causing deep blisters. The Food and Drug Authority prohibited the use of Provigil especially to children under the age of ten years for the treatment of deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as it links to the adverse reaction of SJS.

Condition of Provigil triggered Stevens Johnson Syndrome

Adverse reaction of Provigil may result to Stevens Johnson Syndrome in one to three weeks after the consumption of the drug. The reaction starts with a rash that develops into skin lesions that coalesce to create a blister. Without proper medication, SJS caused by a reaction to Provigil can cause fall off of the patient’s skin and may cause blindness, permanent scarring and eventual death.

The symptoms of Provigil attributed SJS include a sore throat, fevers and feeling fatigue. In advanced condition, the SJS may cause coughs, headaches and joint pain. Other signs and symptoms associated with the medical condition include purple or red skin, pain in the skin, swelling of the genitals, the lips, face or lips or a blister on the nose.

Treating Provigil Attributed Stevens Johnson Syndrome

The first step to the treatment of an allergic medical condition is the discontinued use of the particular drug. The suspected SJS needs treatment before the occurrence of blisters to reduce the mortality rate of the victim. Get advice from a medical professional for assistance. However, make sure to eliminate a cough and cold medication, anticonvulsants, some antibiotics, some painkillers, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and anti-gout drugs.

Worry less about Provigil and Stevens Johnson Syndrome

Despite the fears presented by the use of Provigil, available statistics indicate only a handful of incidences occurred that contribute to Stevens Jonson Syndrome. There have been only a few reported cases that link Provigil medication to Stevens Johnson Syndrome. The evidence pointing use of Provigil to Stevens Johnson Syndrome is not enough to establish the claim as the truth. It is, however, important be cautious while using the medication.

Prevention of Adverse reaction from Provigil

To avoid allergic reaction when using Provigil medication, let the doctor know if food dyes and food preservatives cause a severe reaction when consumed. A discussion with a physician before using Provigil medication is a useful prevention mechanism from an allergic reaction of Provigil to cause Stevens Johnson Syndrome. Take Provigil as a prescribed drug after getting a recommendation from your doctor and report any suspicious results to the physician immediately.

Main Drug Relations with Cialis Medication

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects a substantial number of people and currently, most of them are using Cialis to mitigate the challenge. Cialis is popular as an ED drug due to its capacity to be used on a daily basis and long lasting impacts. Other medication used to address ED issue lacks the aforementioned characteristics of Cialis. Tadalafil medication is likely to interact with other drugs resulting in adverse effects if you are not keen. These interactions have the potential of resulting in key side impacts, which may need customized medical treatment to mitigate them. You need to know the following regarding the key drug reactions to Cialis.

Which are the key Cialis Medication Interactions?

The following drugs interact with Cialis significantly:

Alpha blockers-these drugs are used to addresses issues of enlarged prostate and also in scaling down high blood pressure. Using these drugs while on Cialis may lead to lowered blood pressure to wanting levels.

Nitrates-Cialis should not be used together with any drug that has any form of nitrate since when an individual takes ED drugs, blood vessels become dilated to enhance blood flow. Contrary, taking nitrates can lower the blood pressure to levels, which can result in life threatening side impacts. Even if you don’t take nitrates on a frequent basis, confirm with your physician if this drug is safe or not.

CYP3A4-inhibitors- The medications that inhibit CYP3A4 slow down the digestion of Cialis and its elimination from the body. As a result, metabolites stay in the body system for an extensive period of time and substantially increasing the potential of side effects. Antifungals, antibiotics, and antiviral formulations are some of the drugs that contain CYP3A4 inhibitors.

Analogous PDE5 inhibitors- the use of phosphodiesterase type 5 medication results in vasodilation of the lungs and in the penis as a consequence of digestion of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). As a result, the works of mediators of vasodilation such as nitric acid are prolonged. As such, you should not use this drug together with analogous PDE5 inhibitors such as Levitra and Viagra even if they are meant to address non-ED tasks.

Other possible interactions with Cialis medication

Cialis can interact not only with certain drugs but also with substances such as grapefruit and alcohol. Using Cialis may result in lowered blood pressure, which can also be attained through the use of alcohol. Using them all together is not advisable. Products such as grapefruits, which can enhance the impacts of the drugs, ultimately resulting in numerous side effects.

Avoiding contraindications as an intervention using Cialis Safely

Having knowledge on contractions and taking measures to evade them can help in ensuring that Cialis is taken safely. Before getting a prescription, you should inform the medical care provider of all the medications being consumed. This entails vitamins, herbal formulations, over the counter drugs, and other prescription medication. You should check with the doctor first before starting or stopping any drug. In situations where certain medication is being taken to improve health, the physician can aid in adjusting the doses with an objective of ensuring that you don’t skip Cialis or other drugs completely. You should not modify the dosage on your own or share ED drugs with an individual not prescribed to use them.

Viagra Website By Pfizer Negatively Affects Clinical Pharmacies

Pfizer launched their website in 2011 to help people looking to acquire genuine Viagra pills without worrying about their safety. Being in possession of a license to distribute the drug, Pfizer increases the amount of trust that people place in the company as a reliable vendor. As a result, Pfizer has continued to gain popularity in the pharmaceutical market within a short period. There is a growing number of cases for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. With a large customer base, the company’s website is sure to experience rapid growth owing to the increase in sales. Through it, buyers have access to legit pills, and in the right doses. The current strategy that Pfizer uses in the market will allow it to reach its pinnacle of growth.

Pfizer shits many of its Businesses Online

The move to create a website for easier distribution will put some of the manufacturers of fake pills out of business. Since the company is well-known and established, people will opt to visit the site and make their orders rather than take risks with other vendors. There are a lot of fake pills circulating the current market. These pills have serious side effects which Pfizer mitigates by having their website in place. Some of the side effects include problems with vision, an unhealthy decrease in blood pressure that could lead to fainting, heart ailments, and other serious problems. Viagra rates as Pfizer’s most popular drug product. The Viagra pills sold on the website have a larger amount of sildenafil citrate, which is the main ingredient used to treat erectile dysfunction. Pfizer’s version of Viagra is better than the one found in the local drug stores. The drugs sold by local pharmacies have a lower quantity of the main ingredient than recommended. It is the reason why the website is more reliable for this type of medication.

In the new official website, Pfizer makes sure to include all the latest technological features and options. For example, when it comes to prescriptions, the buyer is given two choices. The first is for people looking to get their first order of Viagra, and the other is for those looking to refill their old ones. Discount rates vary with the prescription chosen. Those returning the site to refill their prescriptions get better discounts than first-timers. With regular customer from international countries, the company does not charge shipping costs. With all the discounts and offers, buyers find that Pfizer offers Viagra at a significantly lower price than that of the market where customers get to save some money.

Impact of Pfizer’s online venture on other pharmacies

Privacy is of major concern to the men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Buyers would wish to maintain anonymity, which is why it is less likely that they will speak to pharmacists about their problem due to its physical application. Pfizer’s website does not require anybody to present their identity. Most men will thus consider it as the easiest way to buy Viagra without compromising their privacy.

Though the website offers convenience to many buyers, it greatly impacts the work of clinical pharmacies. The huge profit margin experienced by Pfizer from the sale of pharmaceuticals in the past years has resulted in massive losses for local pharmacies. It could be because Viagra is very expensive. Without many buyers, it affects their profit and loss margins.

Cheap Cialis Medication without Prescription at the Canadian Pharmacy

Buying drugs without a prescription is quick, cheap and enjoyable only when purchased from authorised dealers. The Canadian Pharmacy presents a trusted dealership option and retail trading of the Cialis medication which is a very delicate medication discouraged to buy from just any pharmacies. Cialis is a potent drug for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunctions and impotence in men.

Cialis medication works by enhancing the free flow of blood to the penile tissues. It improves the relaxation of the walls of the blood vessels for a firm and lasting erection that provides sexual pleasure for long.

For many years, the Canadian Pharmacy has provided thousands of ED patients with a cheaper option of treatment through the online screening of individual needs and provision of medication that meet them. The store guarantees dealership in genuine drugs, unlike many online stores that provide counterfeits. This article intends to inform you on how to access non-prescribed Cialis medication from the Canadian Pharmacy at lower prices while guaranteeing safety.

Licensed Pharmacist attendants

Many pharmacies operating on the online platform do not meet some requirements by food and drug agencies in their countries as they are not regulated and readily deal in counterfeits to supplement their revenues. The Canadian Pharmacy is a highly regulated store available both online and in the physical brick and motor stores located in the many localities.

The online stores selling generic Cialis medication on the Canadian Pharmacy have professional medical persons attending to shoppers certified by the Canadian medical associations as well as various international medical bodies. Buyers engage with the medical experts on a one on one basis to establish the particular need of the patients through question and answer sessions. The online consultation ensures the exact dosage of the medication prescribed to the Patient without a prior prescription from their medical doctors. Make sure to provide the correct data during discussions.

Make a safer Order for Cialis from Canadian Pharmacy

With the many online Cialis dealers available on the internet, people in need of the drug should consider an extensive consultation to establish a particular drug store is genuine. There are several websites such as which provides lists of genuine online drug stores and the ability to cross check displayed licenses. Do not share card details more than is necessary to avoid fraud.

Cheaper priced Cialis

The Cialis medication is available at lower prices because the Canadian Pharmacy is an integration of many local stores that are connected online. The interconnection of many stores minimises costs of distribution of the drugs while facilitating quicker deliveries.

Placing an order for the Cialis online is as well quicker and easy to facilitate at the comfort of the living room at any time of the day.

Follow instructions correctly

While the Cialis medication available on the Canadian Pharmacy is cheap and without prescription, it is important to abide by the instructions provided by the attending pharmacists. Make sure the dose is correct and ask any questions to understand the administration process and drug details in-depth. The store should tell any side effects expected and how to seek for immediate help.

Does Finasteride Have An Effect On The DHT Levels Of Men With Genetic Hair Loss?

It is a known fact in pharmacy that all drugs have side effects and the same applies to Propecia (Finasteride) but before we address the issue of Propecia’s impact on DHT levels in men with genetic hair loss, its important that you get acquainted with the drug in the first place.

For a start, Propecia (Finasteride) is the only FDA-approved oral drug for alopecia (hair loss). It is highly effective in the treatment of hair loss particularly genetic alopecia in men. With millions of gentlemen across the world finding reprieve after using the drug, there’s no reason as to why it won’t work for you.

What causes baldness?

Baldness is synonymous with old age but there are some cases in which young men in their twenties or thirties start noticing a receding hairline. What happens? Well, a number of factors contribute to this: excessive smoking and drinking, hormonal factors, some preexisting medical conditions and genetics.

As much as you can check your lifestyle and do away with excessive smoking or drinking, you cannot do anything about genetic alopecia. If you’re genetically predisposed then you will get bald not unless you get prescribed to Propecia (Finasteride) early enough. The medication will definitely work for you.

What exactly is genetic hair loss?

Genetic hair-loss is also referred to as androgenetic alopocea or male-pattern baldness in medicine circles. It often follows a certain pattern and is progressive in nature. The condition starts manifesting itself when levels of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) are high. These high levels of DHT weaken hair follicles making them fall off. In addition to this, men with this genetic predisposition tend to have weak hair follicles.

What role does Propecia play in controlling genetic hair loss?

Propecia is without a doubt the best shot one has of controlling hair loss caused by genetic factors. A daily dose of the medication has been known to lower DHT levels. Finasteride (the active component in Propecia) is a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor. As the name suggests, it prevents conversion of testosterone into DHT implying that the later (DHT) remains at an optimum level. The role of Finasteride is very simple: protect hair follicles from becoming weak and promote growth of new follicles to replace the ones that have fallen off. Start on the medication the minute you notice a receding hairline.

Getting the best out of Propecia

If taken in the right dose and at the right time, Propecia will help you manage hair loss. For a start, you must stick to the prescribed 1-ml or 5-ml daily dose taken at a certain time (obviously not less than 24 hours after the preceding intake). Do not miss or skip a dose because doing so can be detrimental. You might also be undoing the progress you were making in the quest to fight off a receding hair line.

Do not be downbeat or pessimistic about hair loss particularly if you’re not past your thirties. There is a solution that has been tried and tested. Order Popecia (Finasteride) online today and get it delivered right at your doorstep.

Levitra Use And The Importance of Doctor Consultations

Levitra is a prescription medication that helps men with their erectile dysfunction (ED) issues. Reports indicate that  the drug is quite effective which is why it has a very high demand in the pharmaceutical market. However, users should understand that the drug works best if health practitioners help guide its intake. Most people believe that the only thing they should be worried about when procuring and using the drug is whether or not it works for them. Nevertheless, there is the matter of safety which people often overlook. It is a significant factor, which depicts the importance of medical intervention by professionals. One of the ways through which Levitra pills could end up negatively affecting the health of an individual is if they purchase drugs over the internet, or on the streets, without a prescription. There is a high probability that people acquiring the drug using such methods end up taking the wrong dosages. The following is an explanation of why consulting with doctors before taking the drug is imperative.

How do doctor consultations lead to the effective use of Levitra?

Levitra inhibits the PDE5 enzyme and allows the blood vessels in the penile region to fill up with blood, which consequently leads to an erection. People should not mistake the drug for an aphrodisiac as it also requires sexual stimulation for it to work. The user may have to wait for at least an hour for the onset of action, and its effects wear off five to six hours later. The user receives this information from the doctor once they are given a prescription and taken through the mode of use.

One important attribute about Levitra is that it works even when other ED drugs fail. Patients that suffer from underlying diseases such as diabetes or other metabolic disorders can also use the drug. However, the doctor decides if it is safe, and if so, the most suitable dose for each patient. By working closely with the doctor, finding the effective dose becomes easier. Doctors pay extra attention to patients suffering from heart conditions and high blood pressure to make sure that the drug does not result in unexpected side effects. It is vital for all buyers to consult their doctors before making Levitra purchase for any intent or purpose.

Precautions to take before using Levitra

Buyers need to know what measures to take before purchasing and consuming Levitra. Taking the necessary steps helps mitigate the side effects risks that would otherwise jeopardize their health statuses.

  • Doctors require an account of all the medicines that one currently takes, and any existing health conditions, to reduce the chance of drug interactions.
  • The user should avoid all alcoholic drinks, and grapefruit-related products as they increase the risk of side effects.
  • The doctor offers answers to any questions one may have. Therefore, buyers should take advantage of this, and clear any doubts they have about erectile dysfunction.
  • If one is allergic to the active ingredient vardenafil, they should avoid using Levitra completely.
  • A customer should only purchase, or use Levitra, after going through a thorough assessment of the ED issues affecting them, and upon receiving a prescription.

Adderall for Students

Being a college student can be tough and fun at the same time. There is a lot of research projects, terminal papers and exams to sit at the end of the semester. To get good grades there’s a lot that needs to be done. You must have heard of Adderall, right? The name of the medication has popped up quite a few times and believe or not, it has helped thousands of students pass their exams. How? Read on to find out.

Adderall boosts focus and concentration

Whenever students take Adderall, their concentration levels go up. This is good considering the fact that skimming though books, taking notes and remembering all that information is humongous. Even if they forego sleep in order to study through the night prior to an exam, it becomes difficult to sit the exams with full concentration.

The ideal solution would be to take Alderall. When you pop a pill in the morning of your exams, you can write it and expect to excel. After all, you’re full of energy and focused.

Is Adderall ideal for all students?

No it isn’t. If you thought that Aldershot was meant to help you get good grades then you should get some facts right. For a start, it takes a little effort on your side. Adderall only helps boost your concentration levels. Secondly, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) did not approve Adderall for the purpose of improving your brain power. Consult you doctor before you start taking the drug.

Must you take Alderall?

You are under no obligation to take the medication but if you’re keen to score good grades then it does you no harm. With so much at stake out there, students must ensure that they pass their exams. Grades determine your career path and Alderall could be the ”secret” ingredient you’re missing.

The effectiveness of the drug varies from one individual to another. As such, it would be unfair to judge it based on the experience on a few individuals. Here are some interesting facts, of all people who took Adderall pills, about 70% of them gave it a good rating. It worked magic. You too should expect the best. Ideally, try the pill when you’re feeling drowsy from going through the books and see if it boosts your concentration levels, focus and vigor.

Do you require a doctor’s prescription when taking Adderall pills?

Yes you do. Adderall is a prescription drug which must only be taken under instructions from a pharmacist or doctor. The reason for this is that, there have been cases where people have abused it hence the need for control. In addition to this, it may aggravate some per-existing medical conditions hence the need for a prescription.

All the same, you can order for the drugs without a prescription but caution should be taken. Do not abuse the drug as it may be detrimental. Boost your cognitive abilities plus concentration levels only when you need it. This way you can be guaranteed of good grades or better productivity.

Viagra and its relationship with Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Viagra is an important medication that is used to treat erection problems. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that affects men that they cannot properly engage in sexual activities. Unfortunately, it has been revealed that majority of men above forty years of age who consume Viagra, contact Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). Definitely, there are some margins of Viagra intake for the treatment purpose. People under this medication should ensure to stick within the limits of this kind of medication as instructed by the doctor.

STDs are dangerous to those with low immunity; poor health conditions and is also dependent on someone’s sex practice with his partner. Additionally, it has been discovered that this issue is constantly increasing. This has necessitated further research on sex problems and counseling to deal with such issues.

What are important points you need to know concerning Viagra medicines?

According to some studies, it has been documented that Sexually Transmitted Diseases not only increase because of the use of Viagra but also the consumption of wrong dosage and timing of the same. The majority of people under the treatment have a tendency to increase the dosage without the doctor’s consent since they think it will resolve the dysfunction faster. They fail to comprehend that this might have severe side effects that may consequently lead to other sexual complications.

Therefore, in cases where people under medication choose to increase their dosage, Viagra cannot be held accountable since it has no such hazardous characteristics to cause dangerous illnesses as sexually transmitted diseases. Taking the treatment at the wrong time may also result in such sicknesses. Thus, it is desirable to orally take the Viagra before engaging in any sexual act but many people decide to take it before and during intercourse activity in order to make their erection last longer. Unluckily, it is not possible to last long in such instance but the overdose and wrong scheduling can only end up causing worse physical outcomes. Accordingly, it is necessary to take Viagra in the right prescribed dosage and schedule by the medical doctor.

Why is the rate of STDs increasing among the people?

Currently, the rate of STDs is rapidly increasing among the people. Deficiency of appropriate sex education to the residents of the country is the major cause of the fast growth of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Moreover, young people between the ages of fourteen to nineteen (14-19) can be victims of the same problem due to lack of early and efficient sex education. Somebody without a particular understanding about getting involved in safe sex is guaranteed to commit major errors, which may result in physical problems or rather risky sexually transmitted diseases. Furthermore, they dilly dally to seek the doctor’s attention but administer the medication by themselves. Such cases have also been done for Viagra intake. More often, people assume that any physical loss is an erectile dysfunction thus resolving to take Viagra without consulting a physician. This issue has already lead to key physical harm or paralysis.