Heart burning, acute pain in the stomach, and bleedings are signs of the gastric ulcer. A modern medicine Cytotec will help you to stop the development of ulcers and reduce discomfort.


What is Cytotec?

Cytotec is used for the treatment of erosions and ulcers of the gastro-intestinal tract. It contains the active ingredient Misoprostol which protects the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestine against the action of the hydrochloric acid.


The mechanism of the action of Cytotec consists in the increase of the blood circulation in the mucosa and a production of the protective mucus which lowers the irritating action of the hydrochloric acid.


At the same time, Misoprostol reduces the production of the gastric juice during eating and at night, without inhibiting the functions of the stomach. It keeps all natural biological processes in the stomach and intestine but a fast healing of ulcers occurs due to the reduced production of the hydrochloric acid.


The action of Cytotec begins within 30-40 minutes after the use. In a day, the patient feels a reduction of the disease symptoms, acute pain in the stomach, heaviness in the stomach and bleedings disappear.


Directions for the use

Cytotec is prescribed for ulcer affections of stomach and duodenum with bleedings or without it. The medicine is also used during the increased acidity of the gastric juice, to lower the production of the hydrochloric acid, and prevent erosive ulcerous affections of the gastro-intestinal tract.


In what dose is Cytotec used?

The daily dose of Cytotec is divided into 2-3 times (before every meals and before going to bed). It gives the maximal effect and controls the normal function of the gastro-intestinal tract.


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    • The optimal daily dose of Cytotec is 800 mcg (200 mcg once)
    • The last single dose should be used directly before going to sleep
    • In case of the renal failure, a single dose is lowered up to 100 mcg
    • To prevent the erosive ulcerous affection of the mucosa of the GIT, using nonsteroid anti-inflammatory products, Cytotec is used in the dose of 200 mcg 2-4 times per day, within entire treatment



The treatment is performed till the complete disappearance of the symptoms of the gastric ulcer.


Side effects

During the medical therapy, the following side effects are probable: stomachache, flatulency, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, skin rash, disorder of the menstrual cycle in women. If the side effects bring severe concern, the daily dose of Cytotec can be reduced up to 100 mcg (the daily dose of 400 mcg).


Recommendations for the use

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    • Do not take Cytotec if you are pregnant, or you suspect pregnancy. Misoprostol can cause a miscarriage or pathological disorders in the fetus development
    • In case of the severe liver pathologies, acute renal failure, and epilepsy, Cytotec is not recommended
    • The medicine should be carefully taken in case of diarrhea as a result of the possible dehydration and increased concentration of the medicine and overdose.



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