If you have seasonal or chronic allergy, you need a highly effective anti-allergy drug. Pay attention to Claritin. You can buy Claritin on the Internet without doctor’s prescription, and you will always have an effective product for allergy in your medicine chest.


What is Claritin?

Claritin is an antihistamine product which is used for the treatment of the allergic inflammatory reactions. It contains an active ingredient Loratadine which blocks the work of H1-histamine receptors and prevents the increase of the allergic reactions.


Claritin is an anti-allergic medicine of the new generation which has a lot of advantages before other antihistamine drugs:


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  • A fast action within 30 minutes
  • A long action of single therapeutic dose of 24 hours
  • No inhibition of the central nervous system
  • No sleepiness and lethargy



During the absorption of Loratadine from the GIT, it blocks the receptors of histamine and the immune reaction of the body to the action of allergen is stopped. Despite beginning of the therapeutic effect in 30 minutes, the maximal action of Claritin is achieved in 7-9 hours.


Claritin can be used during many allergic reactions in both adults and children.


Indications for the use

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  • Allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis (seasonal and chronic form)
  • Acute urticaria
  • Angioedema
  • Dermatitis
  • Allergies to insect bites and food intolerances



Uses and dosage

The daily dose of Claritin does not depend on the type and severity of the allergic reaction, and therefore the drug should be used according to the instructions, without doctor’s prescription.


The pills of Claritin are taken orally, with a full glass of water, on an empty stomach. Food can slow down the absorption of  Loratadine from the GIT, so that the speed of the onset of the pharmacological action will be slow.


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  • The standard daily dose of Claritin is 10 mg per day for adults and children over 12 years old
  • Children at the age of 2 to 12 years old, and the body weight more than 30 kg should take 5 mg of Claritin once per day



In case of the acute allergic reactions, Claritin is used for 14 days, and then the treatment is stopped. In case of the chronic allergic reactions, Claritin may be used for a long time because it does not cause a medical addiction.



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  • It is prohibited to consume alcohol, take sedative drugs or other antihistamine products during the use of Claritin. During the interaction, these ingredients can cause an intense inhibition of the CNS
  • Claritin is not contraindicated during pregnancy but the treatment should be under the doctor’s supervision
  • Claritin is contraindicated during lactation
  • If a patient has a liver dysfunction, it is necessary to take Claritin in the dose of 5 mg per day



Probable side effects

If a patient does not have high sensitivity to Loratadine and the treatment goes according to the instructions, the side effects are hardly probable. In spite of this, some patients may have the following side effects during the use of Claritin: dry mouth, nausea, headache, anxiety (in children), fatigue.


Buy Claritin online

Claritin has been approved by FDA and WHO as a safe medicine for allergy, and therefore you can buy Claritin without prescription in most countries. The cost of Claritin can differ in the different pharmacy chains, and as a rule, the cost of Claritin is lower by several times in the online pharmacies.


If you have to take Claritin for a long time, and the cost of the drug means a lot, you can order Claritin online and save some sum of your money. Claritin can be bought in any country, 24/7/365.