Despite a high safety of Eurax, it is hard to buy it without prescription. But if you need to buy Eurax and do not have time to visit a doctor, you may order Eurax in the online pharmacy.



Eurax is an antiparasitic medicine used for the treatment of scabies. The drug contains Crotamiton. This ingredient effectively kills itch mites and relieves the disease symptoms. Moreover, this product is able to relieve a skin itching of any origin including caused by the dermatological and allergic diseases.


It is known that the active ingredients of Eurax penetrate through the skin and are accumulated in the body. They cause inconvertible processes when mites die. Eurax reduces an agitation of the receptors in the deep layers of the skin, and this helps to remove itching after the first application.


In what dose is Eurax used?

Eurax is used externally only. The cream should be used strictly according to the instruction because a non-observance of the recommendations will not give the required result.


After bath or shower, cream is rubbed into the skin – from a chin to toes. Pay attention to crinkles on the skin. After the application of the drug, do not take shower for 3 days.


In 24 hours after the first application of Eurax, the cream is rubbed again, without skipping any part of the body. In 2 days after the second application, a bath is taken.


If needed, a procedure may be repeated in 2 weeks. But only if medical tests showed that not all mites were killed.


Besides the use of Eurax cream, it is very important to do a sanitary disposal of the house. Fabric should be washed in hot water and ironed. The rest surface in the house should be sterilized.



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  • Do not apply Eurax to the inflammatory or irritated skin, open wounds
  • Do not use Eurax during pregnancy and lactation
  • Patients under 12 years old should use the drug carefully, under doctor’s supervision



Side effects

Local allergic reactions often appear during the application of Eurax cream: skin rash, skin itching, local irritation, inflammation, and redness of the skin. These side effects appear only after the application of the drug.


In rare cases, some reaction in the central nervous system have been confirmed during the increased sensitivity to Crotamiton. But they appear seldom and do not need a medical intervention.


Buy Eurax online

Buying Eurax online you will save time and money. The drug is supplied from a plant-manufacturer, and that is why a cost of the drug does not include extra charges. You may place an order within several minutes and continues doing your things. A delivery of Eurax is done to any country by a common post office or express delivery. You select the way of the delivery.