A development of Arava drug has been a great event for both rheumatologists, and patients. This is one of few drugs that can effectively stop the pathological processes in the connective tissues and improve life quality of patients with rheumatoid arthritis.


Arava is a drug of the background therapy of rheumatoid arthritis. It contains an active ingredient Leflunomide which has antiproliferative, immunomodulatory, immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory characteristics. Arava prevents proliferation in the connective tissues and slows down a migration of lymphocytes which cause inflammatory processes.


Using Arava reduces the symptoms and slows down an affection of joints during the active form of the rheumatoid arthritis. Pain is gone, small and large blood vessels are restored, a risk of the development of atherosclerosis and other complications is reduced.


According to data of the medical results, a therapeutic effect of Arava appears in 4-5 weeks of the treatment and gains its maximum till 4-5th months of the treatment.


Indications for the use

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  • Exacerbation of psoriatic arthritis
  • Treatment and prevention of rheumatoid arthritis



In what dose is Arava used?

Food does not influence on the bioavailability and therapeutic characteristics of Arava, and therefore you can take a drug at any time. each tablet should be used entirely and with a glass of water.


Patients should take the maximal daily dose of Arava 100 mg once per day in the first three days. This dose will create the maximal load to the body for the further recovery of all functions.


The dose of Arava is reduced up to 20 mg per day on the 4th day and the treatment is continued within 2 months and more. If a patient stated side effects during the use of Arava 20 mg or s/he felt sick, the daily dose is lowered up to 10 mg.


A long-term administration of Arava does not cause medical and psychological addiction.


Recommendations for the use

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  • Arava is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation. If you are going to become pregnant, consult a doctor and cancel the treatment. After therapy, women should not become pregnant because plasma concentration of the active metabolites of Arava is kept higher than 0,02 mg/l
  • Arava is contraindicated during severe hepatic dysfunction, complicated infectious processes, HIV infection, renal failure, a complex form of anemia or diabetes.
  • Some medicines may interact with Arava, so that a toxicity of these medicines is increased for liver. If you are taking any medicines, consult a physician before buying Arava
  • Before prescribing Arava, all patients should be examined on tuberculosis (both active, and latent)



Side effects

The use of Arava can be accompanied by the side effects of the various severity: increased blood pressure, diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, headache, paresthesia, increased hair loss, leukopenia, and asthenia.


The side effects may be controlled by means of the reduction of the daily dose of Arava. If the side effects cause a severe discomfort, go to a physician.


Where to buy Arava?

In order to buy Arava in the next city pharmacy, you will need a prescription. Your doctor will prescribe you Arava and the expiration date of the prescription will be 2-4 weeks. As the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis suggests a long-term use of Arava, you will have to go to a doctor every month.


If you have already used Arava, you can order a shipment of this drug without prescription in the online pharmacy. It is easier to buy Arava online than in the city pharmacy. You can order Arava in a big pack and stock up on tablets for 2-3 months. Buying Arava online in the big pack you will be offered a special discount, and therefore great orders are cost-efficient.


Even if you are lack of time, it will not prevent you from buying Arava online. A procedure of buying Arava without prescription takes just 10-15 minutes in the online pharmacy. A shipment of Arava online is made all over the world.