Pancreatic diabetes type 2 often develops during the increased resistance to insulin. This metabolic disease can cause severe diseases of the cardiovascular system and cause a heart attack. There are many drugs for the treatment of diabetes on the pharmaceutical market but one of the most effective is Actos.


What is Actos?

Actos is a hypoglycemic medicine for the peroral use which contains an active ingredient Pioglitazone.


The pharmacological action of Actos depends on the production of insulin in the body. This drug does not affect the secretion of glucose in the body but it enhances its sensitivity to insulin. During the use of Actos, metabolism of glucose is more intense, so that the sugar level can be quickly reduced in the blood.


Unlike many other hypoglycemic drugs, Actos does not stimulate a secretion of insulin in the pancreas and does not affect other endocrine processes. This drug does not influence on the level of cholesterol in the blood but it lowers the level of triglycerids.


Unlike other hypoglycemic products such as metformin, insulin and others, Actos gives a faster and more intense therapeutic effect.


Indications for the use


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  • Monotherapy of pancreatic diabetes type 2
  • Combined therapy of the diabetes type 2 in combination with metformin or insulin



In what dose should be Actos used?

Actos is used only if non-drug methods of the treatment of the pancreatic diabetes type 2 did not help to lower the level of glucose in the blood up to the optimal one. Actos is used in the minimal dose of 15 mg once per day. The tablets should be used at the same time, every day.


If the glucose level is not reduced in the blood according to the results of the month use of Actos, it is possible to increase the daily dose up to 30-45 mg. in case of the weak efficiency of the monotherapy with Actos, patients are recommended to use metformin or insulin to enhance the pharmacological action. In case of the combined therapy, the maximal daily dose of Actos is 30 mg.


The treatment is continued till a patient will have normal rates of the glucose level in the blood.



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  • The use of Actos is contraindicated during pregnancy
  • It is unknown whether Pioglitazone is discharged with the breast milk, and therefore the breast-feeding should be stopped during the use of Actos
  • The medicine is not recommended during the pancreatic diabetes type 1, heart failure and renal failure
  • Actos is not prescribed patients under 18 years



In case of the overdose with Actos, the symptoms of hypoglycemia appear. If Actos is used in the therapeutic doses, the side effects appear in rare cases, and are unnoticed for a patient. In rare cases, light edema, low hemoglobin, nausea, and dizziness may happen.


Where to buy Actos?

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