Kamagra Soft


Kamagra Soft is pills with soft, fast-dissolving texture that effectively restore a lost erection. Many men will agree that the use of the common pills is not convenient. Sometimes do not have a glass of water, or sexual activity happens unexpectedly, after heavy supper. In this case, it is better to take Kamagra Soft, pills that are not taken with water. The medication can be even taken after meals.

An advantage of Kamagra Soft is a dissolvable pills. You can chew them, or put them under the tongue and wait till a pill is dissolved. This method has several undeniable advantages:

  • The effect occurs by 2 times faster
  • You may eat fatty food or high carbohydrate food
  • The pill may be taken at an unexpected moment, even without water
  • A risk of dyspepsia is minimal

Part of Sildenafil is usually not digested in the intestine. Using Kamagra Soft, the maximal volume of the active ingredient is absorbed. It happens because the drug penetrates into the systemic blood flow and moves to the blood vessels of the penis.

In what dose is Kamagra Soft taken?

Ajanta Pharma has developed a convenient form of Kamagra Soft when you do not have to select a dose. Every pill contains an optimal amount of the active ingredient – 100 mg, and so the maximal effect is achieved, and erection is improved in 100% of cases.

Kamagra Soft starts acting in 20 minutes after a complete dissolution of a pill. You should take this into account. Do not swallow the pill. Do not take it with a glass of water. Every dose acts within 4-5 hours. Do not take more than 1 pill a day. It may cause an overdose.


  • The use of Kamagra Soft is contraindicated patients with leucosis, drepanocytemia, myeloma, and heart failure
  • If you have has attacks of priapism, take Kamagra Soft with due care. If painful erection appears, it is necessary to see a doctor
  • If you consumed alcohol within the past 6-8 hours, do not take Kamagra Soft. The interaction of Sildenafil with ethanol may cause a side effect

Undesirable effects

The undesirable effects develop in cases when a man does not follow precautions and takes a high dose of Sildenafil within a day. In these cases, the following symptoms may appear:

  • Light dizziness and pain in temporal region
  • Feeling of fever on the face
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Nasal stuffiness

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