Most patients with Crohn’s disease react well to the therapy with glucocorticosteroids. However, not every hormone drug will do for the treatment of this disease. There is a specific drug on the pharmaceutical market created for the treatment of this diseases and is called Entocort.


What is Entocort?

Entocort is a glucocorticosteroid medical product of the new generation which is used for the treatment of Crohn’s disease. As other drugs from this group, it has an intense anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive action. It contains an active ingredient Budesonide.


Unlike other hormone drugs, Entocort acts only during the direct contact with inflamed tissues, and therefore it does not provide a general therapeutic action to the vital functions of the body. Entocort is released in capsules for the target action in the gastro-intestinal tract. These capsules contain granules which provide a slow release of budesonide in the twisted intestine and large bowel.


In several days, after the use of Entocort, the inflammation in the gastro-intestinal tract will be reduced, ulcers will be healed, and the risk of formation of the scars on the intestine walls will be low.


Unlike most glucocorticoids, Entocort causes less side effects, does not inhibit the functions of the adrenal cortex, and therefore the therapy will be more effective for a patient.


Usage and dosage

The capsules of Entocort are used orally, without chewing it, and with a full glass of water. If a process of swallowing is affected as a result of the severe damage of gullet and mucous membrane of the mouth cavity, it is possible to open a capsule and swallow all granules of Entocort. Entocort is used 3 times per day, one capsule 3 mg. It is better to take the medicine 30-40 minutes before eating. It is pointless to take the higher dose of Entocort because it will not give more intense therapeutic effect according to the medical tests.


The length of the treatment usually takes 8 weeks. The effect appears gradually and gains maximum till 4th week. In 8 weeks of taking Entocort 3 mg, a patient is prescribed a medical examination, and the further course of the treatment will be prescribed according to the results. As Entocort is a glucocorticoid, the cessation of the treatment should be gradual in order to avoid side effects.



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  • The prolonged use of Entocort can cause the symptoms of candidiasis. It is recommended to begin the use of Fluconazole on the 4th week, during the improvement of the disease symptoms
  • In case of severe infections of the gastro-intestinal tract (fungal, bacterial, viral), the treatment with Entocort is contraindicated
  • As liver takes part in metabolism of Budesonide, it is necessary to lower the daily dose or adjust the course of the treatment during severe disorders of the liver
  • If pancreatic diabetes, arterial hypertension, osteoporosis, peptic ulcers, Entocort should be carefully taken under the doctor’s supervision
  • Entocort is contraindicated during pregnancy



Probable side effects

During the use of Entocort, you should be ready for the appearance of some side effects: dry mouth, thrush, high blood pressure, pancreatitis, muscle weakness, osteoporosis.


The side effect of Entocort depends on the length of the treatment, and therefore do not take the drug more than 8 weeks. If you feel severe negative reactions, consult a doctor.


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