Malegra DXT



If you wondered how to satisfy your sexual partner, you should pay attention to Malegra DXT. This is a safe medical product which improves erection and increases the length of the sexual intercourse. Your partner and you will be impressed.


What is Malegra DXT?

Malegra DXT is the newest development in the field of the pharmaceutical industry which is used in urology to improve the sexual health of men. This medicine contains two active ingredients at once: Sildenafil and Duloxetine. Every active ingredient has individual mechanism of action but their interaction helps to improve the sexual function of the man.


The active ingredient Sildenafil is an ingredient of the popular Viagra, a medicine that improves erection and maintains it within 4-5 hours. It causes a strong blood circulation in the penis, and therefore it improves potency even during severe form of the erectile dysfunction.


Duloxetine is an unusual ingredient in urology. It is a selective serotonin noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor. The basic purpose of Duloxetine is a depression treatment, however one of the effects is a delay of the ejaculation. It happens due to the control of the emotional state of the man. Increasing the level of serotonin, Duloxetine lowers nervousness and anxiety, and controls a transmission of signals through the central nervous system to the brain.


Malegra DXT is the most effective medicine for the recovery of the male sexual health. It can stimulate erection and retain ejaculation, and therefore if you want to surprise your partner by long and quality sex, Malegra DXT is what you need.


Who is contraindicated to take Malegra DXT?

Malegra DXT contains two active ingredients, and therefore there are by two times more contraindications. If you want to buy Malegra DXT, carefully read precautions and take pills by the instructions.


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    • In case of the acute conditions of the maniac episodes, convulsive attacks, and also suicidal episodes, Malegra DXT is not recommended. Duloxetine can cause even worse situation
    • Patients with acute dysfunction of kidneys or liver are contraindicated to use Malegra DXT
    • If diseases of the cardiovascular system, glaucoma, and trauma of penis, Malegra DXT is contraindicated
    • If you use antidepressants from the group of MAO inhibitors, Malegra DXT is contraindicated.


How to take Malegra DXT?

The concentration of the active ingredients in one pill of Malegra DXT is: Sildenafil 100 mg, Duloxetine 60 mg.


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    • To improve the sexual function, men are recommended to take 1 pill Malegra DXT one hour before the sexual intercourse
    • Taking Malegra DXT, it is better to avoid a consumption of fatty food and alcohol
    • The average length of the action of one dose of Malegra DXT is 4-7 hours depending on the individual peculiarities of the body
    • Malegra DXT can be used every day, with interval for at least 20-24 hours.


Probable side effects

If you take Malegra DXT for the first time, sildenafil and Duloxetine can cause side effects: thirst, dizziness, nausea, high sweating, and flushes.


These side effects are caused by the natural reaction of the body and pass during the regular use of the medicine.


Buy Malegra DXT online

Malegra DXT can be bought in the common city pharmacies, but price will probably be high. Buying Malegra DXT online, you will not overpay for the pills and can save a big sum of money.


A low cost at Malegra DXT online is the basic advantage why you should order this medicine on the Internet. You can buy Malegra DXT of the same quality as in the city pharmacy but the order will be delivered to your house regardless of your place of residence.