Brand Levitra


Brand Levitra from Bayer is a pharmacological stimulant of the erectile function which has been approved by FDA in 2007. Scientists from Bayer have managed to create the most modern PDE5 inhibitor – Vardenafil which has improved pharmacological characteristics.


Brand Levitra acts like most drugs for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction. It dilates the blood vessels in the cavernous bodies of the penis and causes more intense blood circulation during the sexual arousal. This process goes faster in comparison with the use of other drugs.


After the use of a pill of Brand Levitra, the action begins in 15 minutes. If the drug is used on an empty stomach, the action begins in 10 minutes. A man does not have to plan intimacy and wait for the beginning of the drug action.


Vardenafil improves natural physiological processes but it is not able to cure of the erectile dysfunction. The drug action lasts for 5 to 6 hours. A man may have several intercourses within this period. Brand Levitra reduces time of the recovery between intercourses, and therefore due to the drug, your intimacy will be more vibrant.


In what dose is Brand Levitra used?

If you have just started taking Brand Levitra and never used stimulants of the potency, the treatment should be started from a minimal dose of 10 mg. If you know how to take analogical drugs and you did not have any side effects, you may take Brand Levitra 20 mg at once.


You should take every pill with a glass of water regardless of meals. Do not take the pill with grapefruit or grape juice, because it will reduce a bioavailability of Vardenafil.


Do not take more than 20 mg of Brand Levitra per day because the overdose may cause negative side effects.



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  • Do not take Brand Levitra if you have chronic pathologies of liver, kidneys, cardiovascular system, glaucoma, or serious deformation of penis
  • Brand Levitra may be used in 5 months after myocardial infarction or stroke
  • Do not take Brand Levitra if you are under 18 years old. There is no data about a safety of Vardenafil for children
  • If you want to take a pill of Brand Levitra, do not take organic nitrates within 24 hours. An interaction of Vardenafil and nitrates may be dangerous



Side effects

The side effects in cardiovascular system are not peculiar for Brand Levitra. Men often experience light discomfort in the digestion organs: nausea and bloating. Light headache or dizziness are also possible.


According to statistics, the side effects of Brand Levitra appear in about 4% of men at the age of 18 to 65 years old.


Buy Brand Levitra online

Buying Brand Levitra may be impossible in the city pharmacies. A cost for the original Brand Levitra is very high, and large pharmacy chains usually set high prices 200-300%. As a result, a cost of the drug may be unreasonably high.


But you may save money and buy Brand Levitra in the online pharmacy. There are no lines in the online pharmacy, and there is no need to have a prescription. The drug is always available and costs by several times cheaper. Brand Levitra online is for sale directly from the official distributors, and therefore you may buy the drug without great markups and even have a discount. To find out how to buy Brand Levitra online, contact a representative of the pharmacy and s/he will reply all your questions.