The increasing number of deaths and suffering from diabetes and other obesity-related diseases has contributed to intensive research in the pharmaceutical industry. Lomaira is a successful product by KVK Tech to fight obesity. The Lomaira medication was approved by an American drug controlling and governing board, the Food and Drugs Authority, in September 2016. Despite many prescribed obesity medications, Lomaira has successfully risen to be the most prescribed drug for the treatment of obesity.


How it Works

The active ingredient of Lomaira medication is phentermine HCl that works to suppress appetite while boosting the energy in the patient’s body. Lomaira triggers a chemical in the brain that blocks hunger signals. The person is, therefore, deceived to be not hungry giving an opportunity for the body to convert stored fat into energy reducing their body weights. The drug is used together with regular doses of physical exercises combined with reduced calorie consumption to be more efficient.


Availability of Lomaira Medication

The Lomaira medication is available as a tablet of 8 mg as well as capsules. Patients can buy Lomaira medication from the many drugstores available in America and the Canadian market. It is available as a prescribed drug over the counter in the local pharmacies or from the many online stores.


Dosage of Lomaira medication

The Lomaira dosage is individualized depending on specific health conditions of the patient. Dosage is taken by people of Body Mass Index (BMI) exceeding 27, especially with at least one complication related to weight such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes.


Take Lomaira drugs three times in a day usually about a half an hour before meals. A dose may consist of only a half of the 8 mg tablet depending on the patient’s particular requirement.


Do not overdose Lomaira medication. Missed dose should be administrated as soon as discovered or at the next scheduled dose if it’s near.


Advantages Over Other Obesity Drugs

In comparison to many other options to fight obesity, Lomaira medication comes in small doses that make it manageable to many patients. The dose can as well be reduced to a half depending on the particular health conditions of the patient. Lomaira dose is used in a short period running within a week unlike the majority of other obesity treatments.


Precautions before using Lomaira

Allergies such as reactions associated with foods, preservatives, dyes and animals may occur when using Lomaira drugs. Your doctor should know you are allergic before prescribing the use of Lomaira.


Patients suffering pediatric or ages of 16 years and below are out of recommendation to use the drug. Age-related kidney diseases, liver problems or heart disorders must consult the doctor before using Lomaira medication.


The Lomaira drugs have been proven to be harmful to infants therefore not for use to breastfeeding or pregnant women. The patient must consult the doctor before using Lomaira together with other medication for compatibility issues.


Side effects

The Lomaira medication is associated with rare complications such as vision, hearing, hallucination and severe mental change.


Common side effects include a headache, dry mouth, and dizziness.


Call for the doctor’s help in the event of any side effect.