High blood pressure tells about the development of pathologies in the cardiovascular system. The blood vessels are “worn out” during the hypertension, the blood circulation is poor in the tissues, and the load to the cardiac muscle is increased. In order to lower the blood pressure and control its rates within a long period, it is enough to buy Zestril online.


Drug description

Zestril is a medicine for the treatment of the arterial hypertension of the prolonged action. The drug contains an active ingredient Lisinopril.


Zestril is ACE inhibitor, an enzyme which takes part in the production of the hormones and narrowing of the blood vessels. Blocking ACE dilates the blood vessels, lowers the vascular resistance and improves the blood circulation.


The prolonged use of Zestril lowers hypertrophy of myocardium and walls of arteries. Zestril improves the blood supply in myocardium during the ischemic heart disease.


After the use of the one-time therapeutic dose of Zestril, the blood pressure begins to lower in an hour. The maximal therapeutic effect is achieved in 2-3 hours and is kept within 24 hours.


A one-time use of Zestril is ineffective because the drug does not reduce hypertonic crisis and does not provide a short-term action. The maximal effect from the treatment can be achieved only during the regular and prolonged use of Zestril.


Side effects

The most common side effects of Zestril are dizziness, accentuated decrease in blood pressure, dry cough, dry mouth, mild nausea, fatigue and weakness.


The side effects may appear in the first days of the treatment and gradually pass with the change in the cardiovascular system work.


Indications for the use

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  • Monotherapy of hypertension
  • Combination therapy of hypertension in combination with diuretics/cardiac glycosides.
  • Combination therapy of early myocardial infarction
  • Diabetic nephropathy
  • Prevention of chronic heart failure



In what dose is Zestril used?

The tablets of Zestril should be taken every day, at the same time. It is better to take the medicine in the morning after awakening (during breakfast), with enough water.


If the arterial hypertension treatment, patients are prescribed a tablet of Zestril 10 mg per day. This is a starting dose which acts softly and without side effects to the body.


A stable therapeutic effect may appear on in 2 weeks of the treatment, and therefore do not wait for the fast results. If a stable reduction of the blood pressure is not observed in 2-3 weeks, the dose of Zestril is increased up to 20 mg per day. The maximal daily dose of Zestril is 40 mg.


Recommendations for the use

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  • If you are taking Zestril with diuretic or other hypotensive drugs, the daily dose of Zestril should be not more than 20 mg
  • A hypotensive effect of Zestril may be reduced by NSAIDs, hormonal drugs, and antacids
  • Patients with pathologies of kidneys should carefully use Zestril
  • Zestril may be contraindicated patients with severe edema (including during angioneurotic edema), coronary failure, and severe autoimmune diseases



Where to buy Zestril without prescription?

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