If pain in joints bothers you but you do not want to take synthetic medicines which have a lot of side effects, Celadrin will help you.


What is Celadrin?

Celadrin is a biological additive of the new generation which is developed of the special natural ingredients. This products contains a patented mix of the fatty acids extracted from the bovine fat.


As Celadrin does not contain medical products of the synthetic origin, it is not worse by the efficiency than the strong anti-inflammatory products.


Therapeutic characteristics of Celadrin:


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    • A recovery of the cell membrane
    • An inhibition of the production of the inflammatory mediators during the development of autoimmune and pathological inflammatory processes
    • An improvement of the joint liquid resulting in the better movement amplitude without friction of cartilages



The mechanism of action of Celadrin is conditioned by the activity of the fatty acids. The lipids of cellular membranes, which are responsible for the transmission of the nutritious ingredients in the cell, contain these fatty acids. In case of the better nutrition of the cellular membranes, a recovery of the production of liquid in joints is improved, so that the permanent friction of cartilages is stopped.


The ingredients of Celadrin also provide an anti-inflammatory effect. They reduce pain and improve a motion function of the joints in the body.


A distinctive feature of Celadrin is a higher level of the safety than in the synthetic medical products, and it also provides a longer effect. The patient will have natural regeneration processes in the joints even after the end of using Celadrin, and the tissues will be protected against severe affections.


Who is contraindicated to take Celadrin?

A biologically active additive Celadrin acts to the natural regeneration processes in the joints, and does not affect the functioning of other organs.


Due to the high pharmacological safety, Celadrin does not have contraindications. It is well tolerated by people with different chronic diseases and patients with disorder of kidneys/liver. The adjustment of the dose is not needed.


Celadrin is not recommended only in case of the allergic reaction during the treatment.

How to take Celadrin?

Celadrin is a natural additive which should be taken on a regular basis for the maximal therapeutic effect.


The optimal dosage regimen of Celadrin is 3 capsules per day, at any time, regardless of the meals.


If 3 capsules of Celadrin cause a digestion disorder (diarrhea, constipation, flatulency), the daily dose can be divided into 3 equal parts and taken 1 capsule of Celadrin 3 times per day.


Therapeutic effect has an effect of the accumulation, and therefore a regular use of Celadrin is a merit of the fast and effective action of the product. If this product is taken on a regular basis, the process of the cell nutrition slows down, and it will have a negative effect to the recovery abilities of Celadrin.


Probable side effects

Most people who take Celadrin record about a good tolerance of this product. They do not have any side effects.


Patients may have diarrhea or constipation in some cases, during the unstable work of the GIT. These side effects are seldom, and so they are no dangerous for the health.


Buy Celadrin online

If you need to protect joints and you want to buy Celadrin, you will hardly find this product in the city pharmacies. Celadrin can be bought only in the specialized shops, and therefore you will have to spend time to find these shops.


If you do not have any desire, or time to look for Celadrin in your city, you can order Celadrin online. In order to buy Celadrin online, you will need just several minutes. You select the needed number of pills of Celadrin, make the order and select way of the payment. You can pay for Celadrin online with the help of the bank card.


The purchase of Celadrin online will save your time and you will not go around the city in order to find this product and suffer from pain in your joints.