Colchicine is an irreplaceable product in the treatment of gout. This medicine influences on the formation of uric acid and has an apparent anti-inflammatory action.


Now there are two traditional approaches to reduce the attacks of gout in the medical practice: an administration of non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and an administration of Colchicine.


Colchicine has proved its efficiency in the treatment of chondrocalcinosis, gouty acute arthritis and Behcet’s disease. Moreover, Colchicine is recommended to prevent acute gouty attacks in combination with other uricosuric products.


Unlike NSAID, Colchicine removes the symptoms of gout and provides a general therapeutic action, reducing settling of uric acid and a formation of urates. A moderate pain-relieving effect makes up all therapeutic characteristics of the drug, due to which it is possible to completely neutralize the symptoms of gout and relieve a state of the patient.


According to the results of the medical studies, an improvement of the gout symptoms occurs in a day after the use of Colchicine in 75% of patients.


In what dose is Colchicine used?

Colchicine is used during the first signs of the gout acute condition. The pills are used 1 to 3 times per day depending on the intensity of the symptoms and severity of gout. The pills should be used between meals, with a glass of water.


Scheme of the use of Colchicine during the development of gout:


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  • A pill of Colchicine 1 mg is used 3 times per day in the first day
  • A pill of Colchicine 1 g is used 2 times per day in the second and third days
  • A pill of Colchicine 1 g is used once per day (in the evening) starting from the 4th day till the complete reduction of the gout symptoms



To prevent gout, Colchicine 1 g is used within 3-4 months.


If amyloid disease, Colchicine 1 g is used 3 times per day within 3-5 years. To achieve a stable therapeutic effect, a regular and systematic use of the drug is needed. Skipping a dose and breaks may lead to the recovery of the disease symptoms.



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  • Colchicine is not prescribed during severe pathologies of liver, organs of the gastro-intestinal tract, renal failure, suppurative infections, disorders of the functioning of the bone marrow
  • Colchicine may be used during pregnancy but only under strict medical control and if there are not safer alternatives
  • It is not recommended to take more than 8 mg of Colchicine per day. The overdose may cause severe side effects
  • The treatment should be done under systemic medical and hematological control



Side effects

The use of Colchicine often causes side effects in the gastro-intestinal tract. These are stomachache, diarrhea, nausea, dyspepsia. Allergic reactions, urticaria, alopecia, and depression happen seldom.


Lower the dose or stop taking the drug during the development of the apparent side effects in the gastro-intestinal tract.


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