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Fertomid inhibits estrogenic receptors and restores a natural balance of the female sexual hormones both in men, and women. It contains Clomiphene citrate ingredient. This ingredient is added to Clomid, and therefore these medicines are completely identical.


The use of Fertomid is accompanied by the reduction of estrogen level, and the increase of the synthesis of the gonadotropic hormones, in particular luteinizing hormone. It stimulates a maturing and an endocrine activity of follicle in the ovary, increases a concentration of estradiol in the blood. All these processes favor a recovery of the reproductive function of women and an appearance of the natural ovulation.


But in high doses, Fertomid may block a secretion of gonadotropic hormones, and therefore a therapeutic effect may be regulated depending on a diagnosis. This medicine does not have an androgenic activity.


The main purpose of Fertomid is a recovery of ovulation in women with infertility, as a result of the secondary hypofunction of ovaries. But this is not the only indication for the use. The drug is also effective in the treatment of amenorrhea, galactorrhea, oligospermia, Stein-Levental syndrome and various anovulatory disorders.


In what dose is Fertomid used?

A scheme of the use of Fertomid is based on the peculiarities of the female menstrual cycle. Therefore, a medical course lasts for 5-10 days.


Women should start the treatment strictly on the 5th day of the menstrual cycle. If there is not menstruation, the treatment may be started at any time. Fertomid is used in the dose of 50 mg per day within 5 days. Then the results are controlled within a month, and a doctor is regularly visited in order to find out the coming ovulation. If ovulation has not appeared within a month, the treatment is repeated but the pills of Fertomid 50 mg are used within 10 days. The scheme of the use is the same, but the number of days is changed.


Men may take Fertomid at any time. A daily dose is 50 mg. The pills are used within 25 days, and then a break for 5 days is taken. The treatment takes 3 months this way, and then a sperm test is taken, and the results of the treatment are checked.



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  • If a woman has uterine bleedings of the unknown origin, the use Fertomid is contraindicated. A cause of this disease should be found and if it is not related to the development of the neoplasms, the use of the pills may be started
  • Before prescribing the drug, patients are examined in order to detect malignant growths of uterus or breast
  • If pregnancy occurred during the treatment, the use of Fertomid is stopped. The medicine is prohibited for pregnant women
  • Severe forms of the renal/hepatic failure do not give an opportunity to take Fertomid in accordance to the recommended scheme. Therefore, it is better to completely refuse from the use of the drug during these diseases



Side effects

Some patients taking Fertomid have had the following side effects: dizziness, headache, nausea, high agitation, increase of the body weight, pain in breast.


All side effects have a temporal character and often pass after the end of the use of the pills. If the side effects do not pass, a medical aid is required.


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