Glucotrol XL

Buying Glucotrol XL online you will save money and your time. This medicine is for sale only by a prescription in the city pharmacies. It is impossible to buy Glucotrol XL without prescription in the regular pharmacies. Therefore, most people should go to a doctor to prolong a prescription.



Glucotrol XL is prescribed patients with pancreatic diabetes type 2 when a dietary therapy does not help. An active ingredient is Glipizide. This ingredient is a derived of urea sulphonyl II generation. It reduces the glucose level in the blood by means of the increase of the insulin production.


Glipizide not only increases a production of insulin but also a level of binding to the target-cells. It has a low diuretic action and reduces a concentration of some lipids including cholesterol.


In case of the regular use of Glucotrol XL, the glucose level is stably decreased up to the optimal level in the blood, hyperglycemia is reduced during meals, a tolerance of glucose to insulin is decreased.


A therapeutic effect develops within 30-45 minutes after the oral application, and a duration of the action is 24 hours. The maximal effect is achieved only during a regular use of the therapeutic doses. In case of the irregular use of the pills, the glucose level may be unstable in the blood and may grow up to dangerous values.


In what dose is Glucotrol XL used?

To treat pancreatic diabetes, it is necessary to stick to a low-carb diet and have a physical activity. Glucotrol XL is used as an addition in order to better control the glucose level in the blood.


An induced dose is usually 2,5-5 mg per day. The pills are taken 1-2 times per day (depending on a dose) during meals, with a glass of water. If this dose does not help to effectively regulate the glucose level in the blood, a dose may be gradually increased up to 15-20 mg per day. The maximal effect develops within several days, and therefore it is better to increase a dose by 5 mg once in 1-2 weeks.



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  • Glucotrol XL is well tolerated and patients do not have hypoglycemia. But using very high doses may cause a light form of hypoglycemia. Therefore, patients should be ready and have glucose by one
  • Patients at diabetic coma are not prescribed Glucotrol XL
  • If severe renal or hepatic failure, the use of Glucotrol XL is not recommended
  • Avoid alcohol consumption during the treatment
  • Glipizide is prohibited during pregnancy
  • If a patient takes glucocorticosteroids, the effect of Glucotrol XL is reduced



Side Effects

Nausea, diarrhea, epigastric discomfort, dizziness, muscle cramps, hypoglycaemia are the side effects peculiar for patients taking Glucotrol XL. Bear in mind that these symptoms appear in case of the overdose or irregular use of the pills. In order to prevent the side effects, follow the instruction for the use.


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