You can buy Imuran in any city pharmacy, if you have a prescription. If you do not have a prescription, a pharmacist will not sell it. But it is difficult to go to a doctor every time you need the medication. And if you take high doses of Imuran, the medicine is required every week.



Imuran slows the growth and development of immune competent cells. The drug has Azathioprine ingredient. The ingredient provides an immunodepressive and cytostatic action. Taking part in the metabolic reactions, the ingredient breaks the synthesis of nucleic acid, inhibits a migration of stem cells. A pharmacological action of Imuran is used in different field of the medicine. This product is often used during:


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  • Diseases resistant to treatment with corticosteroids
  • Diseases treatable by corticosteroids in doses causing severe side effects
  • In cases when the use of corticosteroids is contraindicated



Indications for the use of Imuran are rheumatoid arthritis of severe course, dermatomyositis, nodular periarteritis, vulgar pemphigus, acquired hemolytic anemia, and chronic hepatitis.


Imuran is an improved version of steroid drugs and does not have definitive side effects and acts more intensive during certain chronic/acute diseases.


In what dose is Imuran taken?

The dose of Imuran is individual (like during the use of corticosteroids). Patient’s body mass, age, and severity of disease influence on the dose. A daily dose usually varies from 1 mg/kg to 5 mg/kg. but it is very important to take Imuran within a long period of time. A fast effect is hardly achieved.


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  • 5 mg/kg is prescribed as a loading dose during the transplantation of organs within 1-2 weeks. Then it is recommended to reduce the dose up to 2-4 mg per 1 kg of the body mass
  • If chronic hepatitis or rheumatoid arthritis, a low amount of the active ingredient is prescribed: 1-2,5 mg per kg of the body mass
  • If autoimmune diseases, 1,5 to 2 mg of Imuran per day is required




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  • There are cases of the development of severe leukopenia during simultaneous use of Imuran with ACE inhibitors
  • Imuran is contraindicated during pregnancy. Women at a reproductive age should use safe contraception methods during the treatment. If pregnancy occurred during the treatment, stop taking the drug
  • If hepatic failure, the use of Imuran may be contraindicated. Therefore, it is required to discuss a possibility of taking the drug during the liver diseases with a doctor



Side Effects

The main side effect of Imuran is a dose-dependent action, mainly inversive inhibition of the bone marrow functions expressed in leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, and anemia, seldom. Therefore, it is very important to regularly take blood tests and control the changes during the treatment. The daily dose should be reduced in case of the development of serious changes.


The side effects may also appear in the gastro-intestinal tract: nausea, vomiting, anorexia, cholestic hepatitis.


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