Elimite is a medicine of a contact action belonging to the group of pyrethroids of synthetic origin. It contains an active ingredient Permethrin. This ingredient is widely used as an effective product for the treatment of pediculosis capitis and pediculosis pubis.


Elimite breaks the nervous cells of verminous parasites, so that they are paralyzed and lose an ability to replicate. The pharmacological action of Permethrin also affects their eggs. The drug easily penetrates through the protective barrier of the parasite eggs and affects the pathogenic microorganisms on the stage pf the development. A therapeutic effect of Elimite occurs after the first application of the drug.


In what dose is Elimite used?

Elimite is prescribed for the local application only. It is produced in the form of cream.


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  • Elimite cream is applied to the affected parts of the skin (head, pubis) and is slightly rubbed into the hair roots. After the application of the drug, it is necessary to cover this zone by a handkerchief or another other sterile dressing for 10-30 minutes. This will improve the absorption of the active ingredients into the hair follicles and kill the parasites under the skin
  • In 30 minutes, it is necessary to rinse cream with warm water, and soap or shampoo
  • After hairwash, it is necessary to thoroughly brush your hair using thick comb to remove dead parasites and their eggs from hair



The amount of cream depends on length and thickness of hair. On the average, about 15 to 60 mg of Elimite cream is used at a time.


To treat scabies, Elimite cream is applied to the skin of the entire body starting from the head to toes. Pay a special attention to hair of head. The drug is left for 12 hours, and then Elimite should be removed from the body. Most parasites are killed after the first application but if itching is restored, a procedure may be repeated in 2 weeks.



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  • It is contraindicated to apply Elimite to the affected parts of the skin (traumas, cuts, and burns), during the use of the inflammatory diseases and secondary infections of the skin
  • Pregnant women should carefully apply Elimite. This medicine may cause an allergic reaction in both a mother, and a baby. The treatment should be stopped during the first signs of an allergy, and a doctor should be consulted
  • Elimite is not prescribed children under 2 years old
  • If you started using Elimite during lactation, it is necessary to stop breast-feeding
  • Using Elimite, avoid mucous membranes
  • A skin preparation should be done in well ventilated areas



Side effects

A low toxicity brings low amount of the side effects during the treatment of scabies and pediculosis.


Patients often have local side effects burning and light itching, numbness of the skin, tingling, rash, and dry skin. The active ingredients of Elimite do not penetrate into the systemic blood flow, and therefore the systemic side effects are impossible.


If the side effects are continued even after the cancellation of Elimite, go to a dermatologist or allergenist who will prescribe the required symptomatic treatment.


Buy Elimite online

To treat pediculosis or scabies, several packs of cream will be enough. You may buy Elimite in the pharmacies of your city. In many countries, this medicine is for sale without prescription. But if you have a low budget, you may save money if you buy Elimite online.


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