Liposafe is a lipotropic fat burner which is used for the treatment of the light form of obesity. This is a natural fat burner which does not contains strong stimulants and bad ingredients. This is an absolutely safe product to lower the excessive weight, without side effects.


The mechanism of the action of Liposafe consists in the acceleration of the metabolic processes that are based on the fat splitting. In other words, Liposafe accelerates metabolism and faster transfers fatty tissues into energetic repository, so that the body will use them to restore energy after physical or mental activities.


Liposafe does not have a stimulating action and does not influence on the work of the central nervous system. Therefore, this is one of the safest fat burners on the pharmaceutical market. The effect of Liposafe appears slowly, and this product will not do for people with severe obesity. But if your body mass index is 25 to 30 and you have a light form of the obesity, Liposafe will help you to quickly have a good shape and lose several pounds.


Liposafe almost does not inhibit appetite and just helps your body to faster remove fat from the body. Liposafe contains a lot of vitamins and minerals which take part in metabolism of the fatty tissues and transfer fatty acids to the place of acidification.


How to take Liposafe?

A capsule of Liposafe is used 3 times per day. The first capsule should be taken right after awakening, 20 minutes before breakfast. The interval between the use of the capsules of Liposafe should be 6-8 hours.


To make Liposafe work better, have enough of water (at least 2 liters per day) during the treatment and control the daily calorie value. Liposafe does not reduce appetite, and that is why you should control the daily amount of the consumed food.


A low-carb diet is recommended during the use of Liposafe, and do not consume more than 1000-1300 kcal per day. Do not take more than 3 capsules of Liposafe per day because it will not bring more intense fat-burning effect. The side effects can happen during the overdose.



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  • If you have allergy to any ingredient in Liposafe, do not take this medicine.
  • Children and teenagers under 18 years old, pregnant women and women during lactation should not use Liposafe.
  • If you have endocrine diseases, serious dysfunctions of metabolism or gastric ulcer, consult a doctor before using Liposafe.



Probable side effect

The side effects occur in rare cases during the use of Liposafe. This product has only natural ingredient, and therefore Liposafe is not toxic and completely safe for the human.


Sometimes you may feel high sweating, high energy, diarrhea or temporal digestion disorder during the use of Liposafe.


How to buy Liposafe?

Liposafe is for sale in the community pharmacies and even large supermarkets but at a high cost. The price markup of this product may be 200-300% from its real cost.


If you want to buy Liposafe at the low cost, you can order this product on the Internet. In our pharmacy, Liposafe is for sale directly from the manufacturer, and therefore it is by 2-3 times cheaper than in the pharmacies and shops of your city. We do not collaborate with agents, and we can guarantee 100% quality and safety of Liposafe online.


You can order the shipment of Liposafe online to any city of the world. The shipment looks like the common pack, and that is why you are guaranteed 100% anonymity during the purchase of Liposafe online.