Coreg is a trade name of the active ingredient Carvedilol. This medication is used in cardiology to treat hypertonia, angina, and heart failure. This medication is known since 80th of the previous century, and it is still one of the most effective products during the arterial hypertension.


Coreg protects myocardium from the action of catecholamine hormones due to which the load to the heart is reduced, the heart rate and pressure are regulated. The mechanism of the action consists in blocking alpha and beta-blocking agents. Due to this, a dilation of the blood vessels and an improvement of the blood circulation happen.


Coreg is a non-selective alpha and beta-blocking agent, and therefore there are contraindications when this medicine is not used. In spite of this, the efficiency of Coreg is by 2 times higher in comparison with beta-blockers including selective ones. As a monotherapy, Coreg lowers a death rate in patients with heart diseases by 65%.


The therapeutic effect develops slowly, and therefore this drug is used as a basic therapy of the arterial hypertension and heart failure. In case of the long-term use of Coreg, it effectively maintains the health of the heart and the blood vessels.


In what dose is Coreg used?

A dosage regimen of Coreg is individual depending on a patient’s age, body weight, and disease severity.


In the treatment of the arterial hypertension, Coreg is used in the dose of 12,5 mg per day. If there are no results within 2 weeks, and the blood pressure is still high, the dose of Coreg may be increased up to 25 mg per day.


To treat chronic heart failure, Coreg is used in the dose of 6,25 mg per day. The dose is gradually increased up to 25-50 mg per day every 14 days. If the treatment is stopped, it should be done slowly by lowering the dose with the interval of 2 weeks.


If angina, patients are prescribed a tablet of Coreg 25 mg 2 times per day.


The tablets of Coreg should be taken entirely, without chewing or mixing it with food, and the tablet is used with a full glass of water. The medicine is used one hour before or in 2 hours after meals.



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  • Coreg is contraindicated during renal failure, apparent bradycardia, acute disorder of the heart activity, bronchial asthma or any other respiratory obstructions
  • Coreg is not prescribed patients under 18 years old, pregnant women and women during lactation
  • Do not take Coreg with MAO inhibitors because it may cause bradycardia and hypotension
  • Nitrates and hypotensive products enhance the hypotensive action of Carvedilol and lower the frequency of the heart contractions
  • The blockers of the calcium channels and antiarrhythmic products (especially the I class) may cause an apparent arterial hypotension and heart failure due to the use of Coreg



Side effects

Coreg is well tolerated in the recommended doses and does not cause severe side effects. But in case of a long-term use or increased sensitivity to Carvedilol, patients may have some negative symptoms: headache, dizziness, low blood pressure, shortness of breath, dry mouth, and nausea.


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