Xanax Bars – What’s the difference between green and others?

Xanax is a drug that is used in the treatment of mental disorders, the greatest being anxiety, depression, and panic. Xanax comes in different types depending on their dosages. The dosages can be distinguished by their appearance, including color and shape. Xanax bars have the highest dose in comparison with other forms.

So, which are the common colors used by the various manufacturers of Xanax bars?

  1. Green Xanax bars: These represent 2mg of Xanax. These pills are quite similar to white and yellow bars.
  2. Blue Xanax bars: These represent a 1mg dose of Xanax. Blue pills are mainly found in an oval or elliptical shape. Most of these pills have a score line, meaning they can be split in half. However, follow the necessary instructions in taking this medication as it could prove addictive.
  3. Yellow Xanax bars: These represent generic Xanax, usually in a 2mg dose.
  4. Peach Xanax bars: These represent a much lower dose of 0.5mg. This dose is prescribed in the less severe cases of mental disorders. These pills are oval in shape.
  5. Pink Xanax bars: These represent a 0.5mg dose suitable for treating panic and anxiety disorders.