What is drug abuse and drug addiction?

Some factors play important impact towards drug abuse and addiction, ignorance being the key factor that contributes towards the abuse of drugs. According to health experts, drug abuse refers to an excessive and compulsive use of luxurious drugs, a scenario that leads to dependence of drugs and physiological injuries that include memory loss and hallucinations.

Drug abuse is also commonly referred to as substance abuse. At some instance, substance abuse leads to adverse effects or death. On the other hand, drug addiction refers to the compulsive use of medications despite facing difficulties when attempting to control the drugs intake. Addiction of drugs leads to harmful and adverse consequences such as dizziness and drowsiness.

Different dimensions of drug addiction and abuse

The act of taking medication of the first changes is voluntary. However, the continuous intake of drugs without control leads to brain changes and damage. In the health sector, drug addiction is commonly referred as a relapsing disease, as the brain changes tend to be persistent depending on the individual behaviors.


In the health sector, cases of drug abuse and addiction have been increasing now and then. According to medical practitioners, patients recovering from drug dependence and abuse are at the risk of getting back to the earlier conditions. Relapsing is a common condition in the health sector. Getting a relapse does not imply that medication and drugs administered do not work.

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