Wellpartnerpharmacy.com Review-Online Prescription and Mail Order Pharmacy

This is a fully licensed online and mail order pharmacy operating in Portland, Oregon and is owned by Wellpartner Inc.


Reviews are helpful for both businesses and customers i.e. businesses can fix areas that are receiving the most criticism to offer better service to their customers. Reviews are also helpful to the customers as they use this data to find the most convenient place to make purchases. It, therefore, comes as a surprise to find a company with no customer reviews prior to 2016 in spite being in operation for over a decade.

Ratings and Accreditation; the company has an A+ rating, the best rating on a scale of A+ to F. Wellpartnerpharmacy is not BBB accredited as no complaint has been lodged against them in the last 3 years.

Popularity; as per the website rankings of 2016 by Alexa.com Wellpartnerpharmacy.com is among the top 1.6 million most visited sites in the world. In the US, the site is ranked among the top 206,000 most visited sites of 2016. Easycounter.com also ranks the website among the top 1.120 sites of 2016 with 432 daily page visitors and 1040 page views.

Coupons and Discounts; currently, the site is not offering any discounts or coupons.

Convenience; the Wellpartnerpharmacy.com platform handles customer order requests by mail, fax and phone. After order processing, the package is delivered right to your home. Refill orders can also be placed online.

Pricing; one thing that customers note is that the prices at the Wellpartnerpharmacy website are lower than retail prices.

Wide range of products; this online pharmacy has a wide range of products including nutritious products, non-prescription drugs and other healthcare accessories. You can search for any product by group or brand.

Order processing and delivery; all orders are processed and delivered within seven days. Prescription drugs do not attract shipment charges but a shipment fee of $5.95 is charged for non-prescription items. Users who opt for the urgent delivery option also pay added fees. Wellpartnerpharmacy accepts the use of check, debit card, credit card and money order as modes of payment.

In addition to the mentioned services, this online platform connects patients to online doctors. This is highly beneficial to the patients as they receive therapy management, private consultations and clinical support on a 24-hour basis.