Walgreens.com Online Pharmacy Review- Get a Fully Customized Health Service Online

Walgreens.com is among the largest and reputable online stores dealing in a variety of daily products and pharmaceuticals in various categories. The online service was launched in the year 1999 offering different healthcare products and pharmaceuticals.

Walgreens.com is a fully licensed and reputable online pharmacy in the US where customers access a wide range of healthcare services and medication. The online platform gives account holders a personalized and 24-hour customer service through email and phone contact. Payment is easy as the users can pay through their credit cards for their orders while shipping is available to every state.

A Brief History

Walgreens.com is a part of Walgreens conventional stores, an organization with over 8000 stores in different parts of the world. Walgreens is a well established company whose operations date back to 1901. It started as a simple drug store and after years of hard work and steady growth, it is now a leading company with conventional and online drug stores. Walgreens is a company that meets the needs and wants of the customers by offering quality products and services.


Walgreens.com has received a number of external reviews from companies and customers most of which are focused on legitimacy and quality of service.

Legitimacy; Walgreens.com is a verified online business according to Legit Script. This means that they are allowed to operate in the United States as they comply with the set standards and regulations.

Popularity; Walgreens.com is also a popular online store according to Alexa, a company that ranks online stores based on their popularity. Based on the traffic that the website generates, customers access the site from different parts of the world including India and China.

Accreditation; this online store is not a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited Business. The BBB accreditation is not based on the quality of products and services on offer but on customer satisfaction levels and the number of solved complaints. Since no complaint has been lodged on Walgreens.com, it might be the reason they haven’t applied for a BBB accreditation.

Discounts and Coupon Codes; the website has plenty of good discounts and promotion codes that change from time to time.

Shipping; this service is free and convenient for all customers.