Situational Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence is a major health problem facing both men and women in different capacities. The feeling or ability of the patient to rise to sexual activities is suppressed or rendered dormant. The problem is most probably among men of the ages above 50 caused by medical condition interfering with the nervous system in control of the supply of blood to the sexual organs to cause and maintain an erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse. The condition is commonly known as Erectile Dysfunction or ED in short. ED may be a long-term complication or a short-term disorder. Short-term ED is also called Situational ED which is discussed in this article.

Definition of Situational ED

A situational ED is, therefore, a conditional loss of sexual desire. The patient loses the erection and sexual capabilities due to unfavorable circumstances they are going through. Factors contributing to situational ED are majorly associated with physical or psychological alterations triggering the switch off of sexual appetite. Unlike long-term ED Situational ED can be reverted quickly by identifying the cause and taking the accurate measure. Situational ED occurs to men of all age.

Causes of Situational ED

Many factors can contribute to situational ED. Fatigue and stress are major contributors of situational ED. As the mind tires or the body exhausts due to hard works and the intense life activities, it is common to experience the short-term ED among men. One may encounter short-term ED when undergoing emotional abuse in their relationships while some people may catch the situational ED as a result of medication. Use of alcoholic beverages, depression medication, antihistamines, sleep pills and cold drugs is associated with situational ED.

Diagnosis of Situational ED

The situational ED may be identified by observing the diverging of sexual desire and performance from the norm. A wearable monitor may be provided by a physician to be won by the patient to track their sexual responses. People suspecting of lowering of having ED should resolve their worries through doctors who may put them in the close examination which may pinpoint the problem for better solution.

Treatment of situational ED

Unlike in long-term ED that may be unterminated but improved, situational ED is mostly lifestyle problem that can be avoided. Identification of the cause of the ED is the first step to the treatment. Living a positive lifestyle such as moderate drinking, physical exercise, and a healthy diet can improve the sexual life. ED can be avoided by planning sexual encounter after busy life schedules, avoiding unprescribed medication or talking to the partner of your anxieties.

It is recommended to seek the advice from qualified persons in case of persisting short –term ED.