Phentermine and Xenical Comparison

Phentermine and Xenical are medication taken to fight obesity. Obesity is a killer disease characterized by overweight, a medical condition caused by the accumulation of excess fat in the body. The condition is a result of a combination of uncontrolled intake of food materials, low physical activity and genetic makeup of the patient. Without a close monitoring of obesity, a patient may develop heart diseases, diabetes, cancer or sleep disorders. While regular physical activities can control body weight to minimize obesity, the option is time demanding and painful making a significant percentage of the patients to opt controlled diet and pills for weight loss. Let us take you through the comparisons between Phentermine and Xenical which are some of the most common medicines used in weight loss.

Comparison on How Phentermine and Xenical Work

The Phentermine medication is a stimulant that activates chemicals in the central nervous system responsible for appetite to suppress the urge to eat. In comparison, Xenical contains a chemical that hinders the breakdown of some of the fats taken in meals blocking them from being absorbed in the human body. The Xenical medication may cause a challenge to its users as it may render it difficult for absorption of fat-soluble vitamins including Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K when put in comparison with Phentermine pills.

How to Take Phentermine in Comparison to Xenical?

While Phentermine and Xenical are both part of a broad program of weight loss that involves healthy diet and physical exercises the content of meals are different in comparison. Compared to no restrictions on the content of substances in a meal when using Phentermine medication, Xenical recommends a fat content of not greater than 30 percent of the food. Patients should not take Xenical on empty stomach or a meal without fat, an excellent comparison from Phentermine medication.

When to Taking Phentermine in Comparison to Xenical

Phentermine is taken with or without food best before breakfast for some brands or within two hours after breakfast. In comparison, Xenical is taken with meals or within one hour after meals.

Who can use phentermine medication as compared to Xenical

Both of the weight loss drugs are not recommended for breastfeeding or pregnant women. The recommended age of the users, however, compares significantly. While some brands of Xenical can be taken by 12 years old children and ages beyond, Phentermine is strictly recommended for patients of ages exceeding 17 years. The daily dose of Xenical drugs should not exceed 120 mg a comparison to the high limit of 15 mg for the Phentermine medication.

Comparison of side effects

The phentermine and the Xenical medications have similar allergic reactions which may, however, vary from person to person. The use of phentermine, which is recommended for short time use only, are mostly sensational feelings compared to the pain associated with Xenical medication. Xenical is related to stomach pains, frequency urge to defecate and changes in stool, in comparison, phentermine displays its side effects as feelings of confusion, alteration in the pace of breathing, extreme mood, seizure, and chest pain. In both medications, however, users should provide their medical history of kidney diseases, heart problems, disorders in liver functioning or problems with blood systems to their doctors engaging in use.

Phentermine and Xenical medications must follow regular time in their consumptions according to given instructions. Call a doctor for assistance in case of any complications.