Rhinocort Aqua Vs Benadryl

Rhinocort aqua is a formulation of corticosteroid budesonide and is used as a nasal spray. This medication is usually purchased with a precription and is commonly used for managing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and for controlling long-term asthma. The drug works against any inflammation in the nasal cavity that is caused by allergies or related health complications.

Benadryl on the other hand, is a drug from the popular antihistamine diphenhydramine that helps to control certain infections caused by allergies such as itchiness, hives, common cold and nasal congestion. This is an over the counter drug and you can buy it without a prescription. You can use this drug to induce sleep as it is commonly used by people who have trouble sleeping.

The following is a comparison between Rhinocort Aqua and Benadryl to see which drug is the most effective for controlling allergies or seasonal allergic reactions. This detailed comparison will help you decide the best medication that is good for you.


This medication is considered by patients and doctors as a multi-purpose drug. The drug’s active ingredient diphenhydramine works by stopping the chemical histamine that is produced naturally by the body. The topical form of this medication is available in the following formulations:

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  • Cream
  • Spray
  • Gel


The only downside about this medication is its side effects. This drug causes sedative effects and drowsiness with the severity varying from one patient to another or according to the dosage taken. This drug is good for conditions such as short term anxiety as it will induce sleep without the need of more powerful medication like benzodiazepines. If you want to get rid of an allergic reaction without inducing sleep, then you should stay away from this medication.

Rhinocort Aqua

This is a more direct drug that prevents allergies from causing any inflammation. It is a nasal spray that fights allergic reactions without causing any sedative effects. This drug is ideal for those who want a quick relief from an allergic reaction and triggers without any sleep. You can use this medication to treat any types of growths that might develop in the nose after surgery and even prevent them from coming back.

Choosing Either Rhinocort Aqua or Benadryl

The main difference between these two drugs is whether you want to fall asleep after taking the medication or not. The choice might also come down to the drug that is the most effective for your condition. Some feel that the nasal spray works best for them because it administered directly to the nasal passage.

You can use Benadryl even when you don’t have any allergy but having trouble falling asleep. It is a sleep inducer and will take you to slumber land in no time.

If you still haven’t decided the medication that is best for you, just talk to your doctor and he will help you pick the drug that suits you best. Your healthcare provider will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of either Benadryl or Rhinocort Aqua for immediate allergy relief.