Benicar Vs Losartan

High blood pressure is a very dangerous condition. This condition may not have visible symptoms. These symptoms can cause great harm to one’s health, including bringing about more serious health problems such as stroke and heart disease. For the above reasons, treating high blood pressure is of much importance. The health risks are too great to be ignored. So, what treatment options are available today?

On the market today, there is a wide range of drugs used to treat high blood pressure. Among them are two popular drugs, Benicar and Losartan. So, how do these two drugs compare? Here is a look at the differences between the two.


Benicar is the trade name for the prescription drug Olmesartan. This drug is prescribed to people suffering from high blood pressure. This medication is classified in a class of drugs called angiotensin II receptor antagonists. This drug works by preventing the narrowing of blood vessels. When blood vessels are prevented from narrowing, smooth blood flow is maintained. In addition to hypertension, Benicar is also prescribed to patients suffering from other health conditions such as kidney disease and heart failure.


This is another popular medication used for the treatment of hypertension. This drug is sold under the brand name Cozaar. This drug is mainly prescribed for the treatment of hypertension. The drug is also prescribed to reduce the risk of other serious conditions such as stroke, especially in people with heart disease.

The drug is an angiotensin II antagonist receptor that prevents blood vessels from narrowing or tightening. The smooth flow of blood through the body means that oxygen is supplied throughout the body smoothly, reducing the risk of kidney damage in patients with heart diseases and type-2 diabetes.

Benicar vs. Losartan, which should you choose?

Both Benicar and Losartan work in the same exact way. This makes it very difficult to choose between the two drugs. When deciding between the two drugs, there are several factors to consider so as to pick the better choice.

One important factor to consider is deciding between the generic and brand formulations of both drugs. Even though the effectiveness is not reduced by choosing generic medication, you stand a higher chance of better quality when you buy brand medication. Generic medication also produces the desired results. However, generic drugs may have side effects.

Benicar and Losartan are both very effective in the treatment of hypertension. The choice between the two ultimately depends on the symptoms you have and the healthcare provider. When prescribing a drug for hypertension, the doctor will know which between the two is better for your condition.

Whichever drug is prescribed to you, ensure you take the drug only as prescribed. As you take any drug for hypertension, ensure your blood pressure is checked regularly. This will help you gauge if your condition is getting better or worse. Restoring blood pressure to normal levels will ensure you will not suffer unpleasant health complications that could disrupt your lifestyle, lower your quality of life and overall health.