Why Women Should Not Use Levitra

Levitra is a drug taken to treat impotence in men. This is a product specifically designed for men, not women. However, there are women who take Levitra in a bid to treat their sexual issues. Others take it out of curiosity just to find out if this drug can improve their sex lives, even though they are not suffering from sexual dysfunction. So, are there any effects women experience when they use Levitra?

Is Levitra Safe for Women?

This medication is not FDA-approved for use by women. It should not be taken by women under any circumstances, including women who are suffering from sexual dysfunction. For women who are in their reproductive age, the use of Levitra would bring about complications during childbirth. This makes it a very dangerous drug when used by women.

Effects of Levitra on Women

Levitra is known to have very negative effects on the women that use it. Still, some women choose to try out this ED medication. One woman from Texas shared her experience in which she confesses that she had a terrible headache after taking Levitra. She also cautioned women against taking the drug, pointing out that the experience was not worth it.

Another woman spoke of her experience, claiming that the Levitra did not boost her sexual arousal. Instead, it made her more sensitive to the outside world. A study showed that most women who do not have any sexual issues mainly use Levitra out of curiosity. Many take it hoping it would improve the sexual experience.

No clear evidence has been presented on the long term effects that this drug has on women. It is therefore not safe at all for women, regardless of whether they have sexual issues or not. Some women have become dependent on this pill. This is very sad.

Should Women Take Levitra At All?

In some cases, a doctor or any other health professional may prescribe Levitra to women. This happens in very rare cases. If this is the case, it is safe for the woman to take Levitra. However, this medication can only be prescribed during a woman’s postmenopausal period.

By taking Levitra during her postmenopausal period, a woman can avoid all the problems that Levitra causes during the productive period. If you are a woman and this medication is prescribed to you, be sure to take it only in the dosage that it is prescribed. Taking a larger or smaller dose could bring about a host of problems.

Does Levitra Boost Sexual Performance in Women?

It is not possible to rule on whether Levitra improves the performance of women sexually. However, Levitra works by increasing the flow of blood to the genitals. This may, in a way, aid with sexual dysfunction. However, taking of Levitra pills by women is highly discouraged, especially during the productive period.

Women should not experiment with these pills out of curiosity. Levitra should only be used by women when prescribed by a doctor or healthcare professional. Even when prescribed, due care should be taken during the entire treatment period.