Wellbutrin Vs. Cymbalta

Depression is a very debilitating condition. People who have the condition are weak and infirm. The condition has a profound effect on the life of the patients. Depression should be treated at the earliest chance possible. If the condition is not treated early, patients start to suffer various reactions as a result of the condition. It is, therefore, important to consider one or more forms of treatment.

When starting treatment, it is important to know what caused the condition in the first place. It is also important to evaluate how the condition has developed over the years. If you start your treatment and continue taking the medication consistently, your condition is bound to improve. The two most popular medications in the treatment of depression are Wellbutrin and Cymbalta.

Both of these medications are quite effective in the treatment of this condition. So, what is the difference between these two drugs? This blog aims to look at the various things that differentiate these drugs.


This drug is a popular antidepressant that is mainly to treat major depressive disorder as well as seasonal affective disorder. The generic form of this medication is also available. It goes by the name bupropion. The drug is available under various brand names, including Wellbutrin, Buproban, Zyban, Zyban Advantage and Forfivo XL.

This drug works by improving the user’s mood and feelings of wellbeing. This is achieved by restoration of a balance of neurotransmitters, natural chemicals present in the brain.


Cymbalta is mainly sold in its generic formulation, duloxetine. It is classed in a group of drugs by the name selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SSNRI). The drug affects natural chemicals in the brain. In people suffering from depression, these natural chemicals are normally unbalanced. The drug works to restore a balance of the neurotransmitters.

In addition to treating major depressive disorder, the drug also works to treat general anxiety. This drug can be taken for general anxiety by children above the age of 7 and adults. Other conditions for which this medication is taken include a chronic pain disorder (fibromyalgia), joint pain and osteoarthritis pain.

Which should you choose?

If you have tried other medication on the market for the treatment of depression and all of them have failed, it is time to try out Cymbalta. It is very effective in the treatment of depression. It works greatly for the users who prefer it. It helps to alleviate racing thoughts and relieve anxiety attacks.

The side effects of this medication are very few, and they disappear with time. The drug produces a stimulating effect on its users. It energizes the patients who have been weakened by depression.

One big worry when taking Wellbutrin is its highly energizing effects. This might tempt the user to take a higher dose that prescribed. This might end up producing undesired effects. Stick to the dose that has been determined safe and effective for your condition. Also, get your prescription from a reputable doctor and buy the medication from a reputable online pharmacy.