Why Propecia 1 mg Remains Popular Among Buyers

hairsNo man loves to lose their hair. Those who are losing their hair will go to great lengths to stop this from going on. This is why many turn to Propecia to prevent further loss of hair and regrowth of lost hair.

Propecia is the only hair-loss medication that has been approved by the FDA that is orally administered. It works by preventing further hair loss and aiding regrowth of lost hair. Also, it is less expensive than other hair loss medications which are not as effective. Most people who use Propecia prefer to buy it online as it is cheaper and can be found in large quantities. This can bring in huge savings as this medication is used for long-term treatment.

You can buy Propecia online in doses of 1 mg and 5 mg. Most doctors prescribe Propecia 1 mg for hair loss treatment. This dose has proven to be very effective and is preferred by a majority of Propecia buyers.

Why Many Prefer Propecia 1 mg

Propecia 1mg is the minimum available dose for this medication. Despite it being small, this dose is very potent and has brought many benefits to hair loss patients. For those buying from Canadian online pharmacies, this medication is quite cheap as it is also available in generic forms too.

Propecia 1 mg taken the same time every day works effectively in suppressing the DHT levels, the main cause of excessive hair loss. If this dose does not work effectively, you can move up to Propecia 5 mg. The 5 mg dose is sure to work for most patients.

Propecia 1 mg can be taken safely without the worry of side effects as the risk of side effects increases with the dose. Also, this is the most available dose and can be purchased at very low prices, making it a popular choice among many men.

Getting the best results with Propecia 1 mg

When buying Propecia 1 mg, there are steps that you can take so as to get the most benefit out of this medication. Learn to identify the drug properly with every purchase. This will increase your chances of knowing the difference between authentic and fake medication. Fake medication could pose serious health risks.

Also, when you get a higher dose than ordered, you can have this exchanged for the right dose. Propecia is only recommended when Propecia 1 mg does not bring out the desired results. These pills should be taken for as long as possible. Initially, you may experience higher hair fall. Do not be alarmed as this means that the medication is working. Within a few months, hair will start regrowing from the newly formed hair follicles.

Stick to the dosage schedule as much as you can. Do not miss any doses or stop taking the medication suddenly. This could have a negative impact on your progress. Also, for the best results, follow all the dosage information indicated on the packaging or as instructed by your doctor.