Lady Era

Brand names: Femara, Female Viagra, Lovegra, Female Cialis



Stress and anxiety are can sometimes prove to be too much and we lose the ability to relax and enjoy the moments that make life worth living. Luckily, there are ways around this issue. Just like how men sometimes need a little pick-me-up in order to get things going in the bedroom, women may sometimes find themselves in need of a little nudge.

There are several ways to do this, however, the most reliable one is by using Lady Era. The female counterpart for Viagra does exactly what one expects, it increases libido and sexual desire, and also eliminates any pain that may be caused by sexual intercourse.

Having an active sex life is essential to both physical and mental health, and can, over time, help balance the body to the point where female Viagra may no longer be needed. Overall, this is a more directed approach than various medical treatments that can take a lot more time to render results, and are also much more expensive.

The body and mind can recover, in time, however, they sometimes need a little nudge in order to relax. Lady Era is a popular solution for women who live very stressful lives and have lost the ability to relax and get in touch with their intimate desires.

While the drug has been approved by the FDA, this Lady Era review will analyze both the way it affects your body, as well as how it has worked for women from around the world who have been using it for at least a couple of months.

What is Lady Era

The Lady Era over the counter pill is a drug that is similar in function to Viagra, however, it is designed for only for women. The pills can increase libido, as well as the sensitivity of erogenous areas in order to increase sexual pleasure. It is important to note the fact that Lady Era is not a hormonal treatment for issues that may appear with menopause, but a drug that chemically increases sexual desire, and makes it both easier, as well as more enjoyable to have sexual intercourse.

The look of the pills is extremely easy to recognize, as they are small, pink, and come in clearly labeled boxes. The drug is only given on prescription, according to the FDA instructions, however, there are numerous other companies that market the same formula under a different label, and who sell their products without requiring a prescription.

Lady Era contains Sildenafil citrate, making it ideal for conditions such as Candace syndrome, poor lubrication and swelling, hypolipidemia, anorgasmia, and low libido during menopause. When taken during menopause, the pills can reduce the disorder symptoms, AFTER all the hormonal changes have occurred, increasing the libido of women and help them regain the natural sensitivity of all erogenous areas.

The formula also works in the case of similar disorders that may be caused by surgical procedures such as the removal of ovaries, the uterus, or various interventions on the genitals. This is due to the fact that the drug increases the blood flow to the genitals and other areas that contribute to sexual arousal, leading to a more powerful climax.

Lady Era may also be used in order to alleviate the painful sensations that may appear during intercourse, and that may lead to a lack of libido.

Overall, the pills do not have a hormonal component and may be safely used by individuals who are undergoing hormone therapy, or those who simply do not want to take formulas that may affect the natural hormonal balance of their bodies.

How does it work

The Lady Era formula consists of two active ingredients that work together in order to increase libido and to make sexual intercourse a more enjoyable experience. Sildenafil Citrate is the main component in traditional Viagra and is used to dilate blood vessels in order to increase blood flow to the genitals and the uterus. This increases lubrication, but also has an effect on the body’s erogenous areas, making them more sensitive.

It should be also mentioned that a side-effect of Sildenafil is lowered blood pressure, which can result in mild headaches and dizziness. These are increased in intensity if the body’s blood pressure is already lowered either due to heart disease or as a result of alcohol consumption.

The second active ingredient in Lady Era is Diclofenac. This component is an anti-inflammatory substance found in a variety of drugs that are used to treat pain and inflammatory diseases. As part of the formula, Diclofenac helps eliminate any pain that may be present during intercourse, and also ameliorate inflammation that can occur due to poor lubrication.

As far as using the product is concerned, one pill should be taken approximately 60 minutes before sexual intercourse, in order for it to be properly absorbed into the bloodstream. The effect can last anywhere between 2 and 4 hours, depending on metabolism, activity, weight, and other physiological factors.

The drug can be used on a daily basis, by a healthy person, however, prolonged use can have consequences that are detrimental to your health. It is usually advised that you consult your physician before taking the pills for more than a week.

Does it work?

Lady Era has only recently been approved by the FDA, and there are several more governments looking at the drug in order to decide if it is safe or not to use. Despite this fact, the product is surprisingly popular across the world. The majority of women who have used it either on occasion or on a regular basis have been satisfied with the effects.

There are also very few articles that put the product in a bad light, most likely due to the fact that the manufacturer does not try to hide the possible side-effects of the drug, or the fact that it should not be taken in combination with alcohol.

On a chemical level, Lady Era contains the perfect mix of ingredients that can increase libido. The formula has never been seen before, in other similar products, however, the two active substances can be found in various other pharmaceutical products, including in traditional Viagra.

Overall, the majority of testimonials and the product’s popularity on the market indicate that it works and that it does so quite well, with few side-effects. These include reviews from the official website, as well as ones from the many trustworthy online pharmacies worldwide. While there are a few individuals who attack the product, the reasons behind their opinions are either related to the side-effects that are freely disclosed by the manufacturer, or as a result of poor delivery practices.

Is Lady Era FDA approved?

The product has been approved by the FDA, with the specification that it can only be prescribed by approved providers, according to an agreement between the manufacturer and the Federal Drug Administration.

The drug is marketed as a libido-enhancer for women, however, it can be found under many other labels. This having been said, purchasing it solely from the initial manufacturer, as Lady Era, is highly advised as this will ensure that all FDA regulations are obeyed, and the products are genuine.

This having been said, it is important to note the fact that the FDA approval given to Lady Era does come with several strings attached. The product has been approved with a risk evaluation and mitigation strategy in order to ensure that the possible side effects do not endanger the lives of those who use it.

All pharmacies that dispense the drug are obligated to undergo product-specific training and to warn patients that, due to the way in which the formula has been designed to affect the body, it should never be taken with alcohol. Doing so may lead to low blood pressure that may cause some individuals to pass out.

Lady Era is approved by the FDA, however, there are governments and institutions that warn people against using it, such as the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration, or TGA. The reason behind this the fact that the formula contains Diclofenac and sildenafil, substances that may pose serious health risks to individuals with certain heart conditions.

On a global scale, the drug is considered legal to buy and use, provided that the suppliers are aware of the health risks and communicate them to buyers.

What are the other Lady Era uses

Lady Era is primarily designed to increase libido and to enhance sexual pleasure, for women who, regardless of the reason, have issues with their sex life. The fact that the drug does not contain any kind of hormones makes it much safer than other similar products, however, it also restricts its uses. While the purpose and effects do not change, the product can be used by a larger variety of individuals than conventional hormone-based formulas.

The product can be used by women who are going through menopause, in order to negate the effects that changes in hormone levels produce, and help them maintain a healthy sexual life. Lady Era is also great for women who experience pain and swelling during intercourse, due to the fact that it increases blood flow to the genitals.

This having been said, recent studies have shown that one of the main active ingredients in Lady Era, namely Sildenafil, can help in treating some of the cause of female infertility. Those looking to use the product as a treatment for infertility should first determine the cause of the disorder.

A percentage of women are unable to conceive due to a much too thin intrauterine lining. One of the effects of Lady Era is the increase of blood flow to the genitals and to the uterus, which helps increase the thickness of the endometrium. Over time, the use of the product may lead to enough of an increase of the intrauterine lining, and increase the chances that women with this issue will be able to conceive.

Lady Era and Menopause

The body goes through severe hormonal changes during menopause, many of which can put a stop to any sexual interactions that one may have. However, having a healthy sex life is essential to the overall wellbeing of an individual, and as a result, the lack of libido can be treated. While not designed particularly for women going through menopause, the formula behind Lady Era has proven to be extremely efficient in alleviating the sex-related symptoms of this stage of our development.

The active ingredients can not only increase libido, but also eliminate any pain that may be felt during sexual intercourse, and also increase the sensitivity of the erogenous areas, making the sexual act much more enjoyable.

Many women that have used it throughout menopause have also reported that the overall state of mind has improved and that they were much more relaxed during sex, even when compared to how they were prior to entering this stage.

It is also important to note that there are no additional risks or side-effects related to using Lady Era during menopause. The formula is just as safe and reliable regardless of age, with the above-mentioned limits (the drug should only be taken by women between 18 and 65 years), as long as they do not suffer from heart, liver, or kidney disease.

What are the Lady Era active ingredients?

One of the main ideas behind Lady Era was to create a drug that could help women regain control over their sex life without having to undergo hormonal treatments. As a result, the formula is made using several substances that are meant to direct blood to the genitals and to relax the muscles. The two most important ones are Sildenafil Citrate and Diclofenac.

Sildenafil Citrate has been used for several decades in products such as Viagra and even various heart disease medications. Its purpose is to dilate blood vessels in order to allow better irrigation of the uterus and the genitals. The substance has and dilates vessels in the whole body, however, its effects are in no way life-threatening.

The second active ingredient, Diclofenac, is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. Its purpose is to prevent swelling during intercourse and to relax the muscles. The substance can be found in a very large number of over the counter, non-prescription anti-inflammatory drugs, however, the concentration is higher in Lady Era than in other products.

Combined, the two active ingredients help stimulate erogenous areas all across the body and relax the muscles in order to prevent any pain during intercourse. They do not interact with most steroidal substances, but they may have an adverse effect if mixed with alcohol.

What is the recommended Lady Era dosage?

There is no standard dosage for Lady Era. As far as quantity is concerned, only one pill should be taken at a time, usually around 50 minutes before intercourse. The product can be taken every day, however, it is important to check with your doctor before doing so, if you intend to take the pills for more than a few days.

The drug can cause low blood pressure, which may have a detrimental effect on your organism, especially when taken for prolonged periods of time.

Lady Era comes in the form of 100mg pills, and one is enough for an individual regardless of weight, age, or other physiological factors. Women who do not have any heart issues and who have not undergone recent surgical procedures can take the pills on a daily basis without having to worry about any serious side-effects. This having been said, those who have any of the conditions mentioned above should ask a doctor for advice before using the product.

While the dosage should never be greater than one pill per day, there may be cases in which taking the drug on a daily basis is not advised and some may be unable to take it at all. Ask your doctor when considering using Lady Era, in order to determine what the right dosage should be in order to prevent any side-effects from occurring.

Mixing Lady Era and Alcohol

Lady Era should never be mixed with alcohol. One of the active ingredients, Sildenafil, which is used to dilate blood vessels, is known to be dangerous if ingested while alcohol is in the body. The danger comes from the fact that alcohol can lower blood pressure, which is also done by Sildenafil. The two, combined, can lead to loss of consciousness in a healthy person.

The mix of the two can have more serious consequences to individuals who have heart disease of any kind and can prove to be fatal to those who are known to have low blood pressure.

Keep in mind that in order to safely use Lady Era, it is usually best to not consume alcohol at least 3-4 hours before taking the drug, in order to ensure that minimal quantities are left in the bloodstream. Furthermore, no alcohol should be ingested after taking the pill, for at least 3 hours. Lady Era requires 50 minutes to be absorbed by the body and for its effects to be felt, and another two hours should pass for it to be eliminated.

The danger of mixing the two substances is increased with the quantity of alcohol. Generally speaking, small quantities of alcohol, usually less than 30ml should not interfere with the drug. However, the larger the amount of alcohol consumed, the bigger the danger of mixing it with Lady Era.

Taking Lady Era and Birth Control Pills

Lady Era does not directly interact with birth control pills as the latter ones are hormone-based, while the former is not. In other words, taking Lady Era while on birth control pills will not negate the effect of either of them nor will it pose any health risks.

Birth control pills may sometimes have adverse effects on the body, including bleeding, which can be accentuated by the increased blood flow generated by Lady Era. For this reason, it is recommended to always ask your physician for advice beforehand. Also, while there are no known interactions with the birth control pills sold to date, the formulas change with time, and check with your local pharmacist or physician before taking Lady Era is always a good idea.

Taking Lady Era during pregnancy

Taking Lady Era while you are pregnant is not advised. The drug increases blood flow to the uterus, which increases the risk of complications, and can, in some cases, seriously affect the development of the baby. The product is relatively new, and the long-term health risks have not been established. As a result, Lady Era should only be taken on occasion, or if really necessary. It should never be used without reason.

This warning extends to women who breastfeed, as well. As with other drugs, small quantities of the substances that the mother ingests may end up in the breast milk and, through it, be transferred to the baby. Furthermore, it is vital that you stop taking it immediately after getting pregnant. Continuing to use Lady Era in the first month can lead to losing the pregnancy.

Other than this, it is recommended to consult with your gynecologist if you are actively trying to get pregnant and would also like to use Lady Era at the same time. While the drug has been approved by the FDA, not all the secondary effects may be known yet, especially in more complex situations such as pregnancies, where the body goes through severe changes.

Who should not take Lady Era

Despite the fact that Lady Era is much less harmful to the body than hormone-based products in the same class, there are restrictions regarding who can safely take the drug.

  • Underage individuals, particularly those who have not reached puberty should avoid taking Lady Era at all costs. The active ingredients in the formula may affect the natural development of the body;
  • Pregnant and lactating women – The drug can easily be transmitted to the child during pregnancy, and this may affect the normal development of the body. Furthermore, it can also be transmitted through breastfeeding, and may have a severely harmful effect on a newborn;
  • Individuals who have tumors and various genital diseases – Lady Era increases blood flow to the genitals and may lead to increased cell division, which will cause tumors to grow faster and can also cause rashes and other genital diseases to quickly spread;
  • Women who suffer from uterine bleeding – The drug increases the vascularization of the uterus and may further increase the bleeding, potentially turning it into a life-threatening condition;
  • Individuals who have chronic diseases of the heart, kidneys, and liver – The drug can lower blood pressure, which may be harmful to women who already have low blood pressure, or kidney and liver disease;
  • Those suffering from glaucoma – The formula can further accentuate the symptoms of glaucoma;
  • Women of over 65 years – The lower blood pressure caused by the drug can but the health of older women at risk;

This having been said, healthy individuals are unlikely to have any issues with the product or experience any kind of side-effects provided that the drug is not mixed with alcohol, which can lead to the loss of consciousness.

What are the Lady Era advantages

Most similar drugs that are designed to increase libido and to enhance sexual pleasure contain hormones, which, as a side-effect, trigger many secondary changes in the body. Testosterone, the main hormone used by Viagra-like drugs made for women can damage the liver, kidneys, and heart, especially if used for extended periods of time.

Lady Era does not contain any hormones and, as a result, does not come with the same health risks that other products do. In other words, the drug can be taken by women who are either undergoing various types of hormonal treatments or who cannot use hormone-based products.

Overall, the drug has the following benefits:

  • Increased sensitivity of erogenous areas;
  • Increased lubrication during sexual intercourse;
  • Eliminate the pain that may appear during intercourse;
  • Relax the muscles and increase blood flow to the genitals;
  • Ameliorate frigidity symptoms;

As a beneficial side-effect, the increased blood flow to the genitals and the uterus can also help treat infertility caused by a thin uterine lining. Over time, the drug can help increase the thickness of the endometrium, raising the chances of getting pregnant. The drug does not contain steroids, so the body goes back to normal when you stop taking it, making a good way to treat infertility without affecting an eventual pregnancy.

What are Lady Era disadvantages

Although the drug does not contain steroids, it is known to have several side-effects that become more dangerous when it is combined with alcohol, or if the person using it has low blood pressure or existing heart conditions. These include:

  • Possible allergic reactions – Please take note that these only occur if you are allergic to one of the active ingredients that are part of the formula;
  • Headaches;
  • Vision disorders;
  • Stomach discomfort;
  • Nasal congestion;

The side-effects are rarely felt in the case of occasional use of the drug, however, the probability that they will appear raises significantly after taking it for extended periods of time. Furthermore, individuals with low blood pressure may lose consciousness after taking Lady Era, as will those who mix it with alcohol.

Where and why to only get Lady Era over the counter

Lady Era can be bought from all over the world, from various suppliers. However, as is the case with many other similar products, it is essential that you only purchase it over the counter, from authorized retailers.

There is a risk that some of the companies that sell the formula under a different label have altered the product, making it less effective, or even eliminate important components from it in order to make it cheaper to produce. Unfortunately, it is impossible to verify all the private-label products that are advertised as being identical to Lady Era, and this may place buyers at risk due to the fact that there is no way to know what ingredients actually go into the product.

Furthermore, the FDA has approved the pills, provided that all the pharmacies and dispensers undergo specific training and agree to explain to the customers that there are some risks involved when taking them. Purchasing them only from authorized retailers also ensures that you get the real product, not a fake one that may be sold by companies that simply want to profit from the popularity of the original formula.

As a rule of thumb, always tell the pharmacist if you have any doubts related to how your body may react to the product. Also, specify any medical issues that you may have, such as heart disease, hormonal imbalances, and any surgical procedures that may have affected your genitals and reproductive system.

Where can you find Lady Era pills for sale

Lady Era is currently being looked at by governments and institutions across the world, however, only a few have approved it up to this point. The FDA has given the drug its approval, on a few conditions, the most important being that only authorized pharmacies and dispensaries that go through product-related training are allowed to sell it.

This having been said, the product can be bought on all continents except Australia, from both pharmacies as well as online drug stores. Lady Era is also available under several other labels, however, it is impossible to verify them in order to establish if the retailers are authorized or not and if the product that they sell is the same as the original one.

For this reason, it is recommended to only purchase Lady Era from pharmacies and trusted online stores. This will ensure that you do not get a fake product and that you are able to receive valuable advice related to how the product may interact with various medical conditions.

Shady websites and other places where the product may be acquired under the counter may neglect to inform you of serious side-effects that you may suffer if you take them while undergoing medical procedures. On the other hand, products that are sold by unauthorized retailers may have much lower concentrations than that of the original formula and not have the desired effect.

One of the most reliable places to buy Lady Era is the official website. Those interested in making a purchase will be redirected to a trusted retailer where they can safely order the product. The retailer delivers mainly to the US and UK, however, individuals from other countries can place orders, however, it may take more time for the products to get to them.

Where to find the best Lady Era price?

At the moment, Lady Era is cheaper to order online, than to buy in pharmacies, due to the fact that the drug is not yet popular enough for pharmacy-owners to purchase large quantities of the product.

When it comes to finding it online, prices may vary across different websites, Lady Era should always be purchased from authorized retailers. There is always the danger that a company will try to market a fake form of the drug at a much lower price. Buying the product from the official website is usually recommended due to the fact that its prices will be set by the manufacturer, not by third-party companies, and that it will always be the real deal.

Making sure that the product is genuine is vital when it comes to drugs in this class, as they can often contain steroids or other ingredients that may, in time, cause damage to the liver and the kidneys.

This having been said, as Lady Era becomes more popular, it will appear on an increasingly larger number of popular, legitimate online pharmacies, which will open up more opportunities to find lower prices for the product.

Regardless of where you choose to get it from, the golden rule is to look at reviews in order to determine if the product is legitimate or if it is a fake. Also, keep in mind that if a website advertises that it sells and delivers the product in a country where Lady Era has not been approved yet, it is probably a scam.

Lady Era coupon codes

There are only a few IOS and Android apps that currently offer coupon codes for Lady Era, however, this may change as the drug becomes increasingly popular and more companies will start selling it. Until then, pay attention to what websites or apps are offering these codes, and at what kind of information you may be asked in exchange for them.

There are numerous websites that are offering fake coupon codes in exchange for sensitive personal information such as personal phone numbers and addresses.

How to buy the pills?

The easiest and safest way to buy Lady Era is from the official website, or from your local pharmacy. In order to purchase it online, you must first go to and click on the banner at the top of the page. This will redirect you to a trusted online pharmacy, giving you the option to place an order. Alternatively, you can look for other websites that sell the product, however, you will have to pay attention to where the products can be delivered to, and to make sure that you are not ordering a fake.

This can easily be done by doing two things. First of all, look at the reviews of the product. This is usually a good indication of the quality of a product. If there are no reviews, it is usually best to keep looking until you find a website with at least two customer opinions.

The second way you can ensure that the website is legitimate is by looking at the big-name pharmacies in your area. A large number of pharmacies also have online stores, and these are usually safe to order from.

This having been said, the best way to acquire the Lady Era pills is from a local pharmacy due to the fact that all authorized dispensaries that distribute this product are obligated by FDA regulation to advice customers on how they should use the drug. Getting the product from a pharmacy will also ensure that you are getting a genuine product with the correct documentation and instructions, and also give you the chance to ask any questions that you may have regarding it, before taking Lady Era.


Lady Era has recently been approved by the FDA, further increasing its popularity. The drug offers women with low libido due to either stress or age, a way to reignite the flame inside them and enjoy intimate contact without any pain or worries. The formula does not contain steroids, making it much safer for both short-term and long-term use, than most other similar drugs.

Furthermore, the product only contains ingredients that can also be found in either traditional Viagra, or in non-prescription anti-inflammatory painkillers. While Lady Era may have a few possible side-effects, these occur extremely rarely, and only after using the product for an extended period of time. The only real, serious restriction that comes with taking the pills is the fact that you are not allowed to drink alcohol before or after.

This having been said, if you are looking to buy Lady Era, please keep in mind that the product has only been approved in certain countries, which may limit the locations to which you can have it delivered. It is usually best to do some research and find out if the drug is available and legal in your area.

Also, do not order from websites that do not have a good reputation, or appear to be unreliable. There have been cases in which individuals have ordered pharmaceutical products from shady online stores, only to receive fake products. This can be dangerous as there is no way of knowing what you receive and what effect it will have on your body. Thus, it is better to only buy Lady Era from trustworthy online stores and from pharmacies.