Non-Surgical Remedies for Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoids are irritated or swollen veins in the rectum and anus. Sufferers of this disorder usually can see blood at the end of bowel movement. Other symptoms include an itchy or burning sensation around the anus, or a feeling of bowel movement with nothing present. Severe symptoms of hemorrhoids appear when the swollen part protrudes outside the anus. Treatment of this condition can be expensive, yet there exists all-natural treatments which can be used instead of the expensive drugs from the Canadian pharmacy.

In one of the studies carried out by medical researchers on hemorrhoids, it was indicated that intake of fiber can help alleviate some of the symptoms such as itching and burning sensations. This is mainly because fiber intake helps soften stool as well as improve bowel movement; both which help relieve the bowel movement stresses associated with hemorrhoids. Fiber can be readily and affordably obtained from vegetables, whole grains, or some common fruits. However, it is recommended to increase intake of water in order to match the amount of fiber being ingested so as to help in the softening of the stool.

Small amounts of vinegar can also be applied around the anus to help ease any burning or itchy sensation caused by hemorrhoids. Vinegar is also very effective in reducing any swelling problem. Another great natural remedy for hemorrhoids is Aloe Vera. All you need to do is to slice the plant and squeeze out the gel which you eventually apply directly on the hemorrhoids.

If followed keenly, the above mentioned tips and remedies can be very effective in relieving the discomfort brought about by hemorrhoids. But, all these will only serve as temporary achievements for curing hemorrhoids. They cannot completely cure this condition.

However, Venapro is a permanent, non-surgical approach to hemorrhoids treatment. The Venapro formula has the abilities to achieve the following:

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  • Lubrication of the passage ways
  • Restoration of the normal blood-flow to the rectal area
  • Calm inflamed tissues instantly upon contact
  • Acts as a natural anesthetic that improves bowel movement