Meridia and Xenical Comparison

Meridia and Xenical medication are drugs that fight against obesity by stimulating weight loss. Obesity is one of the major killing health conditions in developed countries. Patients experience an increase in weight with fattening of their bodies. Accumulation of carbohydrates in the body converts to fats settling in specific body parts such as under the skin or in the lower abdomen rendering the body fat and shapeless that may trigger other diseases. Physical activities such as regular intervals of aerobics or weight lighting can positively contribute to the maintenance of the body shape by shading away extra fats. However, exercises cost time and pain leaving proper diet and weight loss medications such as Meridia and Xenical as desirable options.

How they work

The Xenical drug provides weight loss effects by blocking the absorption of some fats in the body. It is used by people above 18 years of age together with calorie reducing diet. Meridia medication, on the other hand, contains ingredients that trigger the production of chemicals in the brain that work to maintain the body weight through the control of appetite. It is however used together with diet as well as exercise to effect the treatment of obesity that causes high cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes.

Which is more effective

Both Meridia and the Xenical medications are very effective drugs suitable to effect the weight loss initiative. The dosage must follow regular time with abidance to instructions described. It is more effective to double up Meridia activities in the body with physical activities. Meridia is administrated one tablet in a day of about 10 mg with the does lasting a short term of 3 to 4 weeks of use. Xenical is taken three times in a day as a 120 mg capsule at regular interval of up to 12 weeks. A medical doctor will be helpful to establish the precise dosage for each of these drugs to suit the health of a particular individual.

How to get best results from Meridia or Xenical

Meridia requires a proper healthy diet that meets a balance of all necessary body nutrients just like Xenical medication. It, however, demands physical exercises to attain the best outcome. Meridia must follow specific precautionary measure in its use with proper health particulars of the patient determined by a physician before use. Better effects put into consideration the body weight, age and present health conditions of the user.


Meridia is gentle in displaying its side effects compared to Xenical. It is out of recommendation to use Meridia for a continuous long time. They, however, contain contents valid for allergic reactions. Patients with medical history suffering with diabetes, blood pressure disorders, liver, kidney problems or heart diseases should seek medical consultation before using either of the drugs. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should seek recommendation to use Meridia or the Xenical drugs from doctor

Side effects associated with both of the Meridia and the Xenical drugs include loss of appetite, Muscle pain, elevated blood pressure, body ache or mental depression. Please seek medical help in the event of any side effect.