Get To Identify Real Phentermine Using This Guide

Getting genuine phentermine is a very huge priority when buying the medication. There are cases of people who end up getting counterfeit or adulterated phentermine and have no knowledge on how to check for authenticity. Illegal pharmacies have continued to sell fake phentermine, but with the right information, it is quite easy to distinguish between the real and counterfeit pills. Here is a checklist that will help greatly to determine the authenticity of your phentermine.

Open the packaging

Once you receive your pills, the first thing you should do is open the packaging. Once you have the contents out, ensure that the label contains the correct name. Also, confirm that your name and that of the doctor are accurate as per the prescription. If there are any spelling errors on the label, this should be a huge warning flag. Paying attention to such details is instrumental to determining the authenticity of the pills you purchase online.

Read the label

As you read the name on the label, go ahead and also read the directions on the label. Confirm if these are the instructions that your doctor gave you. Check the dosage information as indicated on the prescription. If the dose is different from that on the prescription, you might want to get another dose. If you do not know how to read the pharmacy label, seek the assistance of a pharmacist. The pharmacist will interpret the information and help you determine if you bought genuine phentermine.

Check the medication’s appearance

Once you receive the medication, perform an examination to determine if this new medication is the same as the one you have been using before. Check the physical qualities of the pill including the size, shape, color, smell, texture and the inscribed text. Ensure that the physical properties are the same as the medication you were using before. If you detect any differences in the physical qualities of the medication, return them to the pharmacy or seek the assistance of a pharmacist in determining the genuineness. In some cases, mistakes happen and when they do, relax before contemplating the next move.

Any other instructions on the label

If the directions indicated on the label differ from those indicated by the doctor, then carefully read the label. Go through all the available information provided and compare this information with that from a previous purchase. You can also check it against the instructions from the doctor. Ensure that the information states that the medication is intended to treat the particular condition you are looking to treat.

Also, go through the ingredients used in making the medication. This will help you determine if the phentermine is genuine. If some generic substances have been added to the medication, it will be easier to point this out by looking at the ingredient list. If the phentermine contains generic ingredients, rest assured that the medication is not genuine. It also helps to confirm that the seal on the medication is intact.

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