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Hair loss is natural in men as they age. However, some men experience hair loss earlier than normal in life. Data from the U.S National Library of Medicine (NML) shows that more than 50% of men experience significant loss of hair before they attain the age of 40 years. Usually this is due to a condition called male pattern hair loss (or androgenic alopecia). This condition is characterized by hair loss at the front and on top of the head and/or a receding hairline – baldness. It is caused by lack of testosterone or an imbalance of androgens. One of the major functions of androgens is regulation of hair growth.

In most cases, Propecia is the only medication for baldness. Men all over the world have reported that the drug is efficient in stopping hair loss and restoring normal hair growth. Today, millions of men buy Propecia 1mg online to deal with the problem of baldness.

Propecia 1mg – What it is and how it works

Propecia 1mg is sold in form of tablets. It contains finasteride as the active ingredient and a number of inactive ingredients. Finasteride is responsible for the hair-loss blocking property of Propecia 1mg. Propecia belongs to a group of drugs called 5 reductase inhibitors. It functions as a steroid reductase inhibitor. In other words, it inhibits 5 alpha-reductase, an enzyme, from converting testosterone to its active form. Hair growth is restored after three months and continued use results to increased thickness of hair. Two to five years of using Propecia 1mg sees you achieving the maximum benefits of the medication.

Why buy Propecia 1mg online?

When you start to see your hair line receding to an “M” shape, know that you might have male pattern hair loss. The best and easiest way to prevent the condition from worsening is to buy Propecia 1mg online. There are many online pharmacies that stock this drug. You can get one that will provide you with the amount of Propecia 1mg you need at an affordable price. Check the price of Propecia 1mg online and you’ll see how cheap it is especially as compared to its price at physical drug stores.

When you decide to buy the anti-hair loss medication online, remember to do a research of each online pharmacy that stocks the drug. This is to ascertain that the pharmacy is legit and it provides high-quality and approved drugs. Read customer reviews to have an idea of the quality of customer service provided by the online pharmacy.

Canadian pharmacies have proven reliable in selling high-quality medication online and delivering them in a timely manner. The pharmacies are also reputed for offering the drugs at lower prices so if you are on a budget you might want to check them out.

It would also be a good idea to consider mail order pharmacies near your locality as they would offer you two advantages. One, you can easily carry out a background check on the pharmacy and even get referrals from people you know. The other advantage is lower overall cost of getting your Propecia 1mg package. Ordering from a nearby mail order pharmacy would definitely involve lower shipping costs and therefore a lower overall cost.

Don’t wait for hair loss to be a bigger concern than it already is right now. Grab your computer or smartphone and order Propecia 1mg online today. You’ll be amazed at how the drug will bring an everlasting solution to the hair loss problem that’s causing a lot of worry.