FAQ For Provigil : Answers for Purchasing Queries

faqMany customers have questions about the method of purchase of the drug Provigil, which is used to promote wakefulness. Although Provigil is FDA approved, questions are still being asked about how to get the drug and how to properly use it. The following are some of the questions that are asked the most with respect to drug, along with their answers:

1. Can you buy the drug in Canada without a prescription?

Provigil is a prescription drug in several countries, making it difficult to get a hold of. Canadian law does not prohibit being in possession of Provigil without a prescription. However, the medication belongs to a Schedule F category, which means there are certain restriction on how it is to be bought. There have been many cases where the drug has been bought both with and without a prescription. Alertec is a drug which is sold in Canada that is similar to provigil in terms of its composition. A prescription will allow you to import restricted quantities of the drug in from other countries. Online pharmacies of a good reputation will carefully follow the rules of the country where their headquarters are located along with those of the government of Canada.

2. How much does 100 mg of Provigil cost online?

A 100 mg Provigil tablet is sold online for $2 in a 30 tablets package. As you purchase more pills, the rate goes down further. This means that buying 90 tablets altogether will bring the price down to $1.40 for one tablet. Repeat offers means you will be offered discounts which can be availed at the online portal. The discounts often take the form of bonus fills that are offered for free. A referral to friends will also result in large discounts on your purchase order.

3. Is Modafinil cheaper than Provigil?

The generic version of Provigil is sold as Modafinil and it’s price is significantly lower. Since purchasing Provigil is the more expensive choice, Modafinil also finds many takers. It does not occur to many customers to simply buy a 200 mg tablet of Provigil and split it into two. Modafinil prices can vary drastically between different pharmacies, even to the tune of $100, so make sure to analyse the different prices before making a purchase.

4. Is online purchase the cheaper option?

Buying Provigil online can be the cheaper choice when compared to buying from a traditional store in the real world instead of the virtual one. Other factors that need to be taken into account are the number of tablets that you order and the type of pharmacy you are using to make the purchase. Coupons are often offered at the website where the pills are bought and which need to be availed of for getting a discount. Making multiple purchases at the same online store will also result in greater discounts.

5. Who sells Provigil Online?

If you do not have a prescription for Provigil, you can get the drug online directly from doctors. For this you will need to upload your medical records. After the doctor looks over them and determines that your condition requires the drug for treatment, he will issue a prescription, which can then be used to purchase Provigil online.