How Chiropractic Care Can Help Insomnia Patients

Having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Chiropractic care can help treat insomnia with effective adjustment techniques to alleviate spinal misalignment and help you sleep better.

There are many different kinds of sleep disorders that result in insomnia. If you have insomnia, then you find it hard to fall asleep or to remain asleep. Over 60% of Americans suffer from insomnia; this means that many people are not enjoying a good night’s sleep. This condition is associated with many auto accidents and other work-related accidents. Therefore, the importance of having a good night’s sleep cannot be overemphasized.

Studies show that when the central circadian systems of your body are interfered with, it leads to higher levels of stress hormone, also known as cortisol. If the level of stress hormone remains high for an extended period of time, it reduces muscle mass and bone density, interferes with the immune system, and reduces the proper functioning of many other parts of the body. All of these effects result in back pain and poor health. Insomnia is also sometimes associated with mental disorders.

While there are lot of medications available to treat insomnia, many of those drugs do not really help. These pills are known to cause harmful side effects and can also cause life-threatening conditions if used for an extended period. To enjoy a good night’s sleep on a regular basis, you need to treat the root cause of the condition. A reliable chiropractor can determine the root cause of the condition and correct it.

Chiropractic care and insomnia treatment can help patients to relax. Chiropractic treatment can help enhance the flow of blood in the nervous system and fix any spinal misalignments, which could be compressing the nervous system and reducing communication between the brain and the spine. A fully qualified chiropractor can correct any spinal misalignments with safe and effective techniques to allow your body system to function properly. Another major cause of sleep disorder and insomnia is back pain. Fortunately, a common benefit of chiropractic care is pain relief.

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, sleep disorder and insomnia can be improved with certain lifestyle changes, including eating healthy foods, reducing your intake of caffeine, doing regular exercises and setting a healthy daily routine.

Chiropractic care can manage and solve many issues that may be causing insomnia, including back pain, restless leg syndrome and breathing difficulties. Many people have enjoyed better sleep and better quality of life after getting frequent chiropractic adjustments. Moreover, chiropractic care is a safer alternative to prescription sleep aids. So if you suffer from insomnia, be sure to contact a chiropractor today.