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Should Heart Patients Use Viagra After A Stroke?

Viagra is a well-known medication that is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and impotence. In addition to these conditions, Viagra is also used by heart patients for post-stroke recovery. The main ingredient in Viagra is sildenafil and should be administered orally.

This drug works to relax the muscles as well as improve blood flow. Better blood flow within the genital area results in hard erections. Viagra comes in various doses which are 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg. Researchers have carried out studies on this drug and have established the effectiveness of this medication when it comes to helping post-stroke heart patients.

The study aimed at finding out the effectiveness of Viagra in aiding heart patients following a stroke was carried out to help people regain or enhance various skills including motor skills, speech skills, and cognitive thinking. Since Viagra is a very popular drug among patients with ED, it is proving more useful as it is potent enough to help heart patients deal with post-stroke ailments.

Study on heart patients

This study was conducted on about 84 patients drawn from various ages. All the patients in the study were above the age of 18. All the participants involved in the study had suffered a moderate stroke in a period of 72 hours before the commencement of the study. One hospital had turned to the drug for neurological recovery. This had been done on a compassionate basis.

There was another case of a patient who was receiving treatment for a stroke using Viagra. This particular patient had been transferred from another hospital to Henry Ford Hospital. He had been diagnosed with locked-in syndrome. This condition is quite common, and people suffering from it only have the ability to move their eyes up and down. The treatment started with an initial dose of 50 mg before being increased to 100 mg. Currently, the patient’s treatment includes a dose of Viagra 150 mg every day.


The progress of the patient is carefully being monitored. Following the treatment using Viagra, the patient is now able to eat, smile and move their limbs. A large portion of the patient’s recovery has been experienced after a treatment period of 6 months. This is not the norm for people who have had a stroke. Most of them experience a deceleration in their recovery.

For patients who have suffered from locked in syndrome, it is very difficult to recover their motor skills or speech later on. However, in the study of this particular patient, Viagra seems to be working effectively and aiding the patient to experience a speedy recovery.

Drugs such as Viagra play a huge role in improving neurological functioning. This works greatly for the patient and helps in accelerating recovery after a stroke. This makes Viagra a good choice for heart patients who have suffered a stroke. Among the benefits of using Viagra after a stroke are the formation of new brain cells as well as a huge reduction in neurological deficit caused by the condition.

Get To Identify Real Phentermine Using This Guide

Getting genuine phentermine is a very huge priority when buying the medication. There are cases of people who end up getting counterfeit or adulterated phentermine and have no knowledge on how to check for authenticity. Illegal pharmacies have continued to sell fake phentermine, but with the right information, it is quite easy to distinguish between the real and counterfeit pills. Here is a checklist that will help greatly to determine the authenticity of your phentermine.

Open the packaging

Once you receive your pills, the first thing you should do is open the packaging. Once you have the contents out, ensure that the label contains the correct name. Also, confirm that your name and that of the doctor are accurate as per the prescription. If there are any spelling errors on the label, this should be a huge warning flag. Paying attention to such details is instrumental to determining the authenticity of the pills you purchase online.

Read the label

As you read the name on the label, go ahead and also read the directions on the label. Confirm if these are the instructions that your doctor gave you. Check the dosage information as indicated on the prescription. If the dose is different from that on the prescription, you might want to get another dose. If you do not know how to read the pharmacy label, seek the assistance of a pharmacist. The pharmacist will interpret the information and help you determine if you bought genuine phentermine.

Check the medication’s appearance

Once you receive the medication, perform an examination to determine if this new medication is the same as the one you have been using before. Check the physical qualities of the pill including the size, shape, color, smell, texture and the inscribed text. Ensure that the physical properties are the same as the medication you were using before. If you detect any differences in the physical qualities of the medication, return them to the pharmacy or seek the assistance of a pharmacist in determining the genuineness. In some cases, mistakes happen and when they do, relax before contemplating the next move.

Any other instructions on the label

If the directions indicated on the label differ from those indicated by the doctor, then carefully read the label. Go through all the available information provided and compare this information with that from a previous purchase. You can also check it against the instructions from the doctor. Ensure that the information states that the medication is intended to treat the particular condition you are looking to treat.

Also, go through the ingredients used in making the medication. This will help you determine if the phentermine is genuine. If some generic substances have been added to the medication, it will be easier to point this out by looking at the ingredient list. If the phentermine contains generic ingredients, rest assured that the medication is not genuine. It also helps to confirm that the seal on the medication is intact.

How To Make Online Payments For Viagra Online

While making online payments, the safety of confidential information is very important. It is everyone’s desire to keep their information confidential when making an online purchase. This is especially so when purchasing things like Viagra.

Most men prefer to buy their Viagra online since it gives them the privacy that is not available in a physical drugstore. So, which payment option provides the most privacy when purchasing Viagra online? Here is a look at a few.


This mode of payment makes use of an email ID and password. Anyone else that has your login details can log into your PayPal account and find out about the Viagra purchase. Also, this payment option is not provided by all genuine online pharmacies. This should not worry you as there are other payment options that guarantee the privacy of the purchase.

Credit Card

When you use your credit card to purchase Viagra online, there is a likelihood of other people finding out. Anyone with your customer ID and password can gain access to your account and have a look at your online statements. These statements provide details of your transaction of purchasing Viagra. However, since they protect against frauds, credit cards are preferred by most people.

Prepaid Visa gift cards

Visa gift cards are also another way of paying for Viagra online. However, this payment is only valid in online pharmacies that accept Visa debit cards for the purchase of Viagra. Before using the card, you have to deposit the money into the card. This money is then used to purchase the Viagra and the balance is left on the card. In the case of the visa gift card, it is not possible to deposit money again. These cards keep your purchase very confidential.

Settle for a genuine online pharmacy

In addition to settling for a payment option that is safe and confidential, it is equally important to pick an appropriate online pharmacy. Before purchasing Viagra from an online pharmacy, read through their privacy policy. Read each and every word and understand the policy.

Settle for a site that points out that it does not sell the information of its customers to third parties. If this is mentioned on their site, there is a huge likelihood that that is a genuine online pharmacy. Also, ensure that the online pharmacy you settle for makes use of a secure network to store the information you provide.

Sites that have a secure network store all the information provided to them in an encrypted form. This keeps it safe from access by third parties. Also, genuine pharmacies provide a range of payment options to choose from. They will even go ahead to help you pick the best one, so no need to stress yourself with that.

Personal information such as email addresses is kept safe. No one will get any idea of the purchase you made. Even in the case of home delivery, the package does not bear the name of the medication. This means your privacy is maintained, even when someone else takes the package on your behalf.

Is Cialis The Answer To Raynaud’s Phenomenon?

Cialis is a medication taken for the treatment of scleroderma. However, with the continued use of this medication, it was discovered that this medication can improve the symptoms of Raynaud’s Phenomenon. In addition to this, it has also been found to prevent hand ulcers.

Scleroderma is a condition which lead to tightening and thickening of the skin. This condition also provokes car tissue and leads to damage of internal organs. It is a rheumatic disease. This condition is quite rare, with an estimated 200-300 people per million suffering from it in the US. This condition can be easily diagnosed and treatment is available through various methods. However, to date, there is no known cure for the condition.

People with scleroderma also have Raynaud phenomenon. This condition leads to structural damage of arteries. This causes people to react to the cold abnormally. This condition is also responsible for discoloration of the fingers, hands and toes. The discoloration is due to the low flow of blood to these affected parts. In some cases, finger ulcers and scarring may occur as a result of this.

During winter, people suffering from this condition lose functionality of their hands. This significantly affects their everyday lives. However, there is good news for people suffering from this condition as Cialis has been found to help such patients.

Cialis vs Raynaud Phenomenon

A study was conducted on 50 women with scleroderma, 26 of them suffering from a less severe condition and the rest suffering from diffuse scleroderma. They were evaluated for their condition for one week before being divided into two groups. The first group was placed on their vasodilators and placebo pills on alternate days. the second group was placed on 20mg Cialis alongside their usual medication.

None of the participants knew the medication they were taking for the full duration of the study of eight weeks. The participants were evaluated during this test period. Among the data collected included number of Raynaud’s attacks, the length of these attacks, finger ulcers and the time it took for healing as well as the overall improvement of the condition.

The second group that was placed on Cialis fared better than those placed on placebo medication. 18 members of this group had ulcers at the beginning of the study. In the first group, only thirteen had ulcers. At the end of the study, fourteen of those in the Cialis group had been healed of ulcers, this number is high when compared to only five from the other group. There was far much more improvement in the group that took Cialis pills.

Since Cialis has been found to have positive effects on Raynaud’s phenomenon, researchers are carrying out further tests on this erectile dysfunction medication to try and find more uses for it. This study is proof that Cialis greatly improves the lives of people with Raynaud’s phenomenon. It has also proven to be slightly more effective than other medications currently in the market.

Picking A Legitimate Online Pharmacy To Buy Propecia

Propecia is a very popular medication used by men experiencing hair loss. This medication works by regrowing the lost hair. Since this medication is very effective, its demand is quite high. This has caused the price of Propecia to skyrocket. Since most men with hair loss are desperate for a cure to their condition, they are willing to pay the high prices for the medication.

A rise in the price of Propecia in physical drugstores has pushed men to seek a cheaper alternative. Most of these men have turned to online pharmacies to get cheap Propecia. Buying medication online can be a very pleasant experience. However, caution should be taken when buying online. Here are a few reasons why:

  • There are too many online pharmacies in the market. Due to the high number of online pharmacies in the market today, you may end up getting confused and getting the wrong medication that will not address your condition.
  • Counterfeit stores. Due to the high demand for medication online, there has been an emergence of many counterfeit online pharmacies. These pharmacies either sell counterfeit medication or scam the buyer by stealing their money and not delivering the medication. Some of these counterfeit pharmacies may appear real from the surface, but in reality, they are not.

When buying Propecia online, do exercise caution so as to be safe. With the proper effort, it is possible to safely buy Propecia from an online pharmacy.

When choosing an online pharmacy, first find out how competent the pharmacy is when it comes to service delivery. Also, check if they are able to deliver the medication you need. Engage with the customer care team to get a feel of the online pharmacy. Speaking with them can help determine if they are up to the task of delivering Propecia.

You can ask a range of questions, such as what happens if an order is not received by the buyer. Also, ask for the location that they operate from. It is important to ascertain the safety of your information once it is handed over to them. Ask them about the privacy and safety of your information.

An even safer option is to ask friends for an online pharmacy that they have used in the past and received excellent services. Online reviews also go a long way in helping to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit online stores. Propecia is used by a large number of people worldwide. It is possible to get information on the best online pharmacy to buy from.

When looking to get authentic and high-quality medication, it is essential to settle on an online pharmacy that is legitimate. Check the background of the site to ensure that it is authorized to perform the services it claims to perform. For those in the US, the FDA provides a list of legitimate online pharmacies that are operating legally in the country. Look for an online pharmacy near you and get your medication delivered to you. Online pharmacies provide hassle-free buying.

Buying Kamagra Online: Is It Safe?

The question of whether or not it is safe to buy Kamagra online reflects one of the concerns of buying medication online. This concern has less to do with the drug itself. It is the source of the drug, the process of buying it, and how to use it that is of more concern. Let’s clear the facts about Kamagra first.

Kamagra is a remedy for erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. The name Kamagra is an amalgamation of two words: ‘kama’ which means making love, and ‘gra’, the suffix of Viagra. It contains Sildenafil Citrate as the active ingredient, the same ingredient present in Viagra. The original Kamagra is manufactured by a reputable Indian pharmaceutical called Ajanta Pharma. It is supplied in the forms of a pill, jelly, flavored chewable tablet, and effervescent tablet. Genuine Kamagra is arguably the safest less expensive alternative to Viagra.

Kamagra in action

Kamagra treats ED by preventing the action of phosphodiesterase type-5, an action that aids the relaxation of blood vessels so that more blood can flow to the penis for an erection to occur. A man suffering from ED is, therefore, able to attain a strong erection faster (in 10 to 20 minutes depending on the form of Kamagra used). The erection is also sustained for long – even up to 6 hours in some men. This brings more happiness to both partners as there are increased chances of them being satisfied.

Safety issues of buying Kamagra online

1. The source of the medication

Unlike in the UK and most of other European countries where the sale of Kamagra is illegal, there are licensed pharmacies in the US that sell genuine Kamagra. This implies that there is a regulated supply chain in the US to make sure that the consumer gets a genuine product. The regulation also ensures that all stock is sourced from a reputable source and that it is of acceptable standards.

Nevertheless, the industry is not void of counterfeits from unregistered pharmacies run by unscrupulous tradesmen. These are what every consumer should be on the lookout for when buying Kamagra online. An FDA investigation has in the past found drugs sold as “dietary supplements” containing harmful ingredients including paint and ink. These products were purportedly sold by pharmacies that were operating illegally.

It is safe to buy Kamagra online if the consumer verifies the legitimacy of the online pharmacy he wants to buy from. You can check this on sites of regulatory authorities such as the FDA. The pharmacy should also have a contact number and 24/7 access to a customer support representative to answer any questions. The containers used to deliver the drug should be well-labeled; bearing the name and dosage of the drug.

2. Security of finances and personal information

Financial risks are a great concern of buying medication online and Kamagra is no exception. You are safe to buy Kamagra online if:

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  • You have checked to verify that the online pharmacy is legitimate
  • The pharmacy has a privacy policy declaring that they will protect the data you provide
  • The provider uses trustworthy payment systems that provide warranty
  • You’ve not come across a customer review lamenting about suspicious activity that ensued after they provided the pharmacy with financial and personal information.


3. Health concerns of using Kamagra

Just like other drugs used to treat ED, Kamagra can have side effects. Some people with specific health conditions experience very serious side effects. Individuals with health disease, high blood pressure and prostrate conditions and those who are already using blood thinners, nitrates, and alpha blockers should not buy Kamagra online and use it without a doctor’s direction. Kamagra use can be dangerous to such people. And for everyone, mixing the drug with certain kinds of beverages such as grapefruit juice can intensify the drug’s side effects. With regard to safety of use, it is safe to buy Kamagra online only if you understand fully how the drug works and the possible side effects.

If every consumer takes sufficient time and care when buying Kamagra online, cases of fraudulence and serious health issues caused by the use of Kamagra can be reduced. This is the ultimate condition for concluding that it is safe to buy Kamagra online.

The Viagra Patch Explained

Viagra patch is a type of the popular Viagra medication under research that is administered by sticking it onto the upper arm or abdomen. This patch contains Sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient in Viagra. Viagra is a popular medication used by men looking to treat erectile dysfunction.

Viagra is also available as a pill that is taken orally through the mouth. A lot of research is being done on Viagra patches to ascertain if they can work with greater efficiency or increased onset of action.

Will Viagra patch pose any benefits to the user?

Viagra medication poses negative effects on people. Some find it difficult to swallow the medication while in others, negative effects are triggered by the medication. By using a patch, these chances of these negative effects are greatly reduced.

Viagra in pill form takes around an hour to produce the desired result. This is considered a very long time by many. In the case of the patch, the Viagra will produce the desired results in just a few minutes. This is because the active ingredient in the Viagra is readily absorbed into the blood once the patch is applied.

The Viagra patch contains sildenafil citrate in nanoparticles meaning they are readily absorbed into the body. This patch is expected to continue providing results for around 10 hours. This is more than the Viagra pill whose effects last for around 5-6 hours.

Does Viagra patch pose any risks to the user?

In as much as the Viagra patch seems easy to use, it may prove relatively dangerous. Taking the wrong dose remains a huge challenge. Since it is difficult to determine the exact dose of the patch, some users may find themselves taking a stronger dose than required. Instead of treating their condition, the Viagra might end up producing negative effects on the users.

Another risk involves those who abuse Viagra. Since the active ingredient is absorbed readily through the skin, it produces an instant high when used in large doses. This would beat the purpose of the medication entirely.

There are people who have very sensitive skin. This would prove to be a real challenge since the patch has to be applied on the skin. The use of the Viagra patch by such users would lead to irritation of the skin.

Does the Viagra patch have a large scope?

The Viagra patch has a host of positive effects on men seeking to treat erectile dysfunction. This means that is has a very large scope. Also, the Viagra patch would sell in very high numbers as it would be more affordable. Viagra pills are very expensive and are thus put of the reach of many. This has pushed most users to use generic Viagra.

The high price of Viagra pills is reason enough to push users to the patch. The patch is expected to bring many improvements in the lives of its users. Only time will tell as users are expected to continue using the patch over the years.

Get The Best Propecia 1mg Online at Cheap Prices

Hair loss is natural in men as they age. However, some men experience hair loss earlier than normal in life. Data from the U.S National Library of Medicine (NML) shows that more than 50% of men experience significant loss of hair before they attain the age of 40 years. Usually this is due to a condition called male pattern hair loss (or androgenic alopecia). This condition is characterized by hair loss at the front and on top of the head and/or a receding hairline – baldness. It is caused by lack of testosterone or an imbalance of androgens. One of the major functions of androgens is regulation of hair growth.

In most cases, Propecia is the only medication for baldness. Men all over the world have reported that the drug is efficient in stopping hair loss and restoring normal hair growth. Today, millions of men buy Propecia 1mg online to deal with the problem of baldness.

Propecia 1mg – What it is and how it works

Propecia 1mg is sold in form of tablets. It contains finasteride as the active ingredient and a number of inactive ingredients. Finasteride is responsible for the hair-loss blocking property of Propecia 1mg. Propecia belongs to a group of drugs called 5 reductase inhibitors. It functions as a steroid reductase inhibitor. In other words, it inhibits 5 alpha-reductase, an enzyme, from converting testosterone to its active form. Hair growth is restored after three months and continued use results to increased thickness of hair. Two to five years of using Propecia 1mg sees you achieving the maximum benefits of the medication.

Why buy Propecia 1mg online?

When you start to see your hair line receding to an “M” shape, know that you might have male pattern hair loss. The best and easiest way to prevent the condition from worsening is to buy Propecia 1mg online. There are many online pharmacies that stock this drug. You can get one that will provide you with the amount of Propecia 1mg you need at an affordable price. Check the price of Propecia 1mg online and you’ll see how cheap it is especially as compared to its price at physical drug stores.

When you decide to buy the anti-hair loss medication online, remember to do a research of each online pharmacy that stocks the drug. This is to ascertain that the pharmacy is legit and it provides high-quality and approved drugs. Read customer reviews to have an idea of the quality of customer service provided by the online pharmacy.

Canadian pharmacies have proven reliable in selling high-quality medication online and delivering them in a timely manner. The pharmacies are also reputed for offering the drugs at lower prices so if you are on a budget you might want to check them out.

It would also be a good idea to consider mail order pharmacies near your locality as they would offer you two advantages. One, you can easily carry out a background check on the pharmacy and even get referrals from people you know. The other advantage is lower overall cost of getting your Propecia 1mg package. Ordering from a nearby mail order pharmacy would definitely involve lower shipping costs and therefore a lower overall cost.

Don’t wait for hair loss to be a bigger concern than it already is right now. Grab your computer or smartphone and order Propecia 1mg online today. You’ll be amazed at how the drug will bring an everlasting solution to the hair loss problem that’s causing a lot of worry.

Overnight Delivery of Cialis Now Possible

Cialis has over the years become a very popular erectile dysfunction (ED) medication. It has proven quite effective in the treatment of this condition. It is readily available, and anyone can purchase it. Other medications available for the same condition include Levitra and Viagra. However, Cialis does provide a few more benefits, making it a preferred choice by many.

The Tadalafil brand is popular for its longer lasting effects. This has earned it the name ‘weekend pill’. It is also very popular for being a once-daily drug in the treatment of ED.

When you buy Cialis online, you get to enjoy a host of benefits including multiple payment options, cheap pricing and convenience. Many of those who buy Cialis online prefer to have their medication delivered overnight. This is a special requirement that has arisen as a matter of urgency.

Cialis buyers are a very happy lot as one can now buy Cialis online and have the pills delivered the very next day. This fast delivery is hinged on certain factors. Here is a quick guide on how to get your ED medication fast.

Overnight delivery of Cialis

It is quite easy to get overnight delivery on Cialis if you know where to look. Settling for the right pharmacy could prove very beneficial. When looking to buy Cialis from an online pharmacy, choose a store that is located in your country. For example, if you live in the US, choosing an online pharmacy based in the US and near your place of residence will contribute a great deal towards a speedy delivery.

If you choose to buy Cialis from an online pharmacy overseas, choose a pharmacy that has the option of overnight delivery. In addition to choosing a pharmacy near you, be sure to select the appropriate shipping carrier. Companies such as FedEx and DHL provide overnight shipping and charge slightly higher for the service. This cost is transferred to the buyer. Most online drugstores choose such companies to make overnight deliveries.

Overnight delivery is a very good option for those who use Cialis as a once-daily treatment for ED. When the pills run out, and the user has no time to refill the prescription, overnight shipping is the way to go. Even though the buyer has to pay more to get the medication, getting it on time makes it worthwhile. Before buying Cialis from an online pharmacy, be sure to check if they offer overnight delivery.

Important information before ordering Cialis online

Buying medication online always poses some risk. To be safe when buying Cialis with overnight shipping, ensure the online pharmacy has a refund policy. This proves quite helpful when there is a problem with the shipment or product. It also provides the buyer with peace of mind when buying the medication.

Also, a refund policy points to the credibility of the online pharmacy. There are many fake online retailers selling fake ED medication. Choose an online pharmacy that asks for your prescription. If you are using Cialis for the first time, ensure you understand how to use the drug and any precautions necessary before taking it.

The Effect of Cialis on Testosterone Levels

Cialis is a drug that helps reduce erectile dysfunction(ED) in men. Many people buy Cialis online to help them achieve stronger and longer erections during sexual intercourse. Unlike other ED drugs like Levitra, Viagra, Levitra plus and Viagra plus, Cialis is unique by the way it works. In its mode of action, it can remain active for up to 36 hours. This period is 32 hours more than other typical Sildenafil citrate drugs. Failure to achieve a firm erection for a substantially long time is a major drawback to intercourse. In fact, sexual pleasure is greatly affected by the ability to maintain an erection. Cialis helps a couple overcome many embarrassing moments when it comes to lovemaking.

Recent studies on Cialis have shown that not only does Cialis treat Erectile dysfunction and impotence, but also does it elevate the T levels in the body. A drop-in estrogen levels which are a T-killer hormone drops proving the immediate effect. Besides, men who took Cialis improved their sex drive. Increased sex drive ha a direct correlation to the level of Testosterone in the body. These studies have made it clear that low testosterone concentrations in some men are the leading cause of reduced sexual excitement and there after the performance.

Mode of action of Cialis

Just like Sildenafil citrate, Cialis works by increasing blood flow to the male organ during the event of sexual stimulation. Users should note that Cialis does not initiate an erection. The excitement must be existing primarily. It then dilates the blood vessels allowing for more sexual performance. In other studies, it lowers cortisone levels in the body.

Even though both Viagra and Cialis work by inhibiting the release of some enzymes called phosphodiesterase’s, which are responsible for increasing vasodilatation, there are pharmacological differences between Viagra and Cialis. For instance, Cialis has a longer half-life (17.50 hours) than Levitra (4.0–5.0 hours) and Viagra (4.0–5.0 hours). Cialis then results in longer duration of action hence being called “The Weekend Pill.”

Other Positive Effects of Cialis in the body

Besides giving one a satisfying sexual experience, Cialis has other advantageous effects in the body. Previously, we have seen the way Cialis drug increases the testosterone levels in the body. Men can now hold their erections firm for longer due to the vasodilation effect of Sildenafil citrate.

Nitric oxides are components of many bodybuilding drugs. NO is an essential molecule required for cell activation. It helps athletes improve their [performance on the track. Many researchers report that the increase in sporting level is brought about by the dilated blood vessels. Some recent studies have pointed to the increasing muscle cells as well as an increase in testosterone production.


Cialis has many beneficial effects in the body. Its usage is widespread in USA and Canada. Individuals who are interested in improving their sexual life can order Cialis online or buy it at any local pharmacy. From improving the quality of erections to increasing the Testosterone hormone among others are benefits of Cialis. Some quantities are available in 5 mg which is a cheap option to consider.